The 10 Best Immersion Blender to Buy in 2019

The 10 Best Immersion Blender to Buy in 2019

An immersion blender is a handy little appliance which puts the power of a blender into the palm of every hand to perform the tasks like the pureeing of soups or making baby foods. Many of the blenders are able to chop, crush, blend, and puree. The cleanup of the appliance is also very easy – just to rinse the end and toss it in the dishwasher.

We all know that for maintaining good health, one needs to do regular exercise, eat fruits and fresh vegetables, avoid sugar etc. It might not sound easy and the results might take time. But the good thing that adds pace to this slog of pursuit is the immersion blender.

With the help of the best immersion blender it becomes quite convenient and easy to blend large quantities of liquid within a short time. It’s different from the standard blenders as it has got its own container. This helps to increase the blender capacity and you can insert the blender where the liquid is held like a pot.

So, if you want to make healthy vegetables or fruit smoothies, then you’ll definitely need this useful kitchen appliance. In this article, we have shown the best-rated immersion blender that you can use for whipping, blending, perfectly. So, let’s get started.

Know About The Top 10 Immersion Blenders

There are various brands available online for the immersion blender. Here, we have enlisted the 10 best high-rated immersion blender available in the market.

1. Braun MQ505 Multiquick Hand Blender

This is one of the most efficient immersion blenders that you can go for. This comes with an impressive design and construction which makes it attracted to the customers. The Braun MQ505 Multiquick Hand Blender is mainly built for heavy-duty usage.

Braun MQ505 Multiquick Hand BlenderSpecifications:

  1. The first thing about this hand blender is that it is designed using the PowerBell technology. It has stainless steel blades which are quite strong and durable. The bell-shaped blending shaft gives it a unique look and helps it to do your job faster and more efficiently.
  2. It is based on the EasyClick mechanism which allows the blender to remove all the attachments just by pressing a single switch. There is also a Turbo Boost option that can enhance the power of the blender and helps you to do the work in lesser time.
  3. Braun MQ505 comes with a handle having a soft grip which makes you comfortable to hold the blender properly. Along with the blender, you will get a 20-ounce beaker and whisk attachment. The parts are dishwasher proof, so it gets easy to clean the device.


  • Extra lightweight; so easy to handle.
  • Easy Click feature is present.
  • Increase the power using Turbo Boost.
  • You’ll get a 3-year limited warranty.

So, if you’re willing to buy a blender that is easy to operate and can perform faster than the others then, you can rely on this one. It also comes at an affordable rate so you won’t have to invest a huge amount while buying this blender.

2. Breville BSB510XL Immersion Blender

Well, we’re sure that you’ve heard the name Breville because they are quite famous for manufacturing well-known kitchen appliances. One of them is the top-notch duty blender that is showing some amazing results in recent times.

Breville BSB510XL Immersion BlenderSpecifications:

  1. The BSB510XL has a compact design and also considered as a lightweight machine. This is one of those immersion blenders which are appropriate for the newcomers who are blending for the first time. Within a reasonable budget, you can avail this product and have a good taste of technology.
  2. The 8-inch long stainless shaft makes it possible to use the blender to use for deep and small pots. The best part is that the mixtures won’t stick together during the processing because of the function of anti-suction technology. The blades are made in such a way that it will not get in contact with the bottom of the bowl. Thus, it will prevent your bowl from damaging and the blender will also work for long.
  3. Along with the blender, you’ll also get a jar of 42-oz, chopper bowl of 25-oz and the whisk attachment included. There is the trigger switch option that enables the hand to have a proper grip and increases stability.


  • Use of anti-suction technology to reduce spilling out situations.
  • Ergonomic trigger grip for easy to handle.
  • Speed adjustment option is present.
  • Non-scratch base available.

Well, the price may be a bit higher than the previous one but the number of features its proving is quite acceptable. The long durable shaft helps to use the blender for any kind of bowls or pots. And also, you can alter the speed as you want regarding the blending process.

3. Kitchen Aid KHB2351CU 3 Speed Hand Blender

We all know that KitchenAid is especially known for designing baking appliances and they have got a huge number of active customers. Their KHB2351CU 3 Speed Hand Blender can be described as an all-in-one immersion blender tool which can offer you a variety of services that you’ll need for cooking purpose.

KitchenAid KHB2351CU 3 Speed Hand BlenderSpecifications:

  1. The KitchenAid 3 speed blender comes with an 8-inch blending arm that is removable and has fixed blades. The S-shaped blades are made of stainless steel and can easily blend the ingredients while making soups, milkshakes, juice etc. This blender has a 214-watt 3-speed option motor that makes it easy to blend the food.
  2. You can comfortably hold the handle due to its soft grip design which offers a non-slip grip while blending with it. There are whisk attachments that can help you to whip out the egg whites, emulsify vinaigrette’s or creams etc.
  3. There is a BPA-Free Chopper of 2 ½-cup along with a 3 cup blending jar. The chopper attachments have lid locks which are effective during chopping cheese, nuts, meat, and other things in the chopper bowl.  
  4. Whereas the 3 cup blending jar also has a lid and mainly used to store the ingredients for later. This 3-speed hand blender is also dishwasher safe, so no issue while cleaning the machine. You’ll get a power cable of 5 feet long that gives you the possibility to use the blender at your convenient place.


  • Strong stainless blades to blend.
  • Comes with dishwasher safe feature.
  • Preferable for chopping herbs, nuts, cheese, cooked meat etc.
  • Comes within a reasonable budget.

If you’re looking for an all-in-one device that can perform blending, chopping, whipping within an affordable price, then this blender is best for you. The 3-speed motor lets you easily blend the ingredients and quickly finishes the work. The stainless blades are quite effective when it comes to chopping things using the Kitchen Aid blender.

4. Cuisinart CSB-100 Smart Stick Variable Speed Hand Blender

In case you want power and performance in low budget, then Cuisinart CSB-100 Smart Stick Variable Speed Hand Blender is just the device you need. Using this immersion blender you’ll be able to do various cooking jobs within no time. Let’s check what the Cuisinart CSB-100 has to offer to the customers.

best immersion blenderSpecifications:

  1. The previous model is modified and a new feature of one-touch operating button is added to the new models. Just by pressing and holding the button you can turn on the blender, and also you can change the speed of the blender. After releasing the button, the device stops running.
  2. The handle perfectly fits in your palm and easily you can move the machine around the bowl. The blades in the new models are of stainless steel that provides good strength and durability than the older ones. Also, the new looks of the blades help to reduce splashing during use.
  3. While buying this product, you’ll get a 2-cup mixing beaker with the Cuisinart CSB-100 blender. The good thing is that the mixing beaker is dishwasher proof and also microwave safe. This beaker is quite appropriate for making drinks like smoothies, juice, soups and other similar stuff. One can easily remove the shaft by pressing a single button on the body.
  4. The cord length is pretty generous when it comes to Cuisinart blender, which allows you to use it without the risk of the accidental plug out. The blades of this blender are quite sharp, so it gets quite easy to blend faster. As the blades are perfectly sharp, so you need to be extra careful while using it because it might scratch up the bottom of the bowl.


  • Bell and blade design is improvised for greater performance.
  • One touch operating button mechanism is used.
  • Lock or unlock feature is available.
  • Parts are dishwasher and microwave safe.

Overall, this blender is a good option that you get at a reasonable cost. You’ll be able to get all the features available on other high-tech models at near about half the price tag. So, this blender can be that special one which you might be willing to buy for a long time.

5. All-Clad Steel Immersion Blender

best rated immersion blender

The All-Clad Steel blender is another budget-friendly immersion blender that you can use for its high-quality performance. It basically uses a powerful motor that is designed on a special kind of approach. Apart from that, if we consider it from the standard features, then surely it is a good competitor for the other blenders in the market.


  1. While many of the immersion blenders get in trouble due to the overheating issue, the All-Clad Steel blender doesn’t have this problem. You can use it for a quite long and still it won’t produce too much heat. This quality makes the All-Clad better from others because this helps to maintain the integrity of any plastic parts used with the blender.
  2. It comes with a powerful 600-watt motor that has a great lifespan and you can use to perform heavy-duty blending. Along with the blending device, you can also avail the whisk and other food processing attachments.
  3. There is a speed control dial that will allow you to change the speed of the motor and also it comes with a power and turbo settings, plus pulse for added control. It has a 9 ¼-inch staff made of stainless steel which you can use to reach deep into any size of pots or bowls.
  4. With the help of a large bleeding head, the splatter is reduced while blending anything with the machine. There is a mini chopper that is included in the set of accessories available with the All-Clad blender.


  • No overheating issue occurs.
  • Power and turbo settings help to control the speed.
  • Long and durable shaft is present.
  • Heavy-duty blender in everyone’s budget.

So, if you want to buy a blender that can easily perform all the heavy-duty works and also last over a long period, then All-Clad Steel blender is the right option for you. You can afford this highly reliable blender at a reasonable price and enjoy its flawless features.

6. Epica Heavy Duty Immersion Hand Blender 4 in 1

This 4 in 1 blender can be a little heavy than the other standard blenders available in the market. Though the weight can be an issue, when it comes to performance then surely you won’t be disappointed by it.

Epica Heavy Duty Immersion Hand Blender 4 in 1Specifications:

  1. Having this blender along, you don’t need to worry about frozen fruits anymore. Much better the old blenders, the Epica immersion blender has some of the sturdy and sharp blades that can quickly blend and make breakfast smoothies, gourmet soups etc. The blades are connected to the motor that rotates with a power of 350 watts.
  2. It has a simple design and BPA Free product. It is no good if it is complicated to use the machine, but the Epica blender is easy to control and with a single click you can release the attachments. The attachments are all dishwasher safe so no need to be worried while cleaning the device. This blender is the best example when it comes to crushing ice.
  3. This device is considered to be a multi-speed tool for multi-tasking. With the help of variable speed dial, you can modify the blade speed you want from the perfect texture through grinding, juicing, chopping etc.
  4. You’ll get the 100% Epica ‘Cutting Edge’ guaranteed by using this blender that will make your kitchen experience better and easier. The Epica 4 in 1 blender is a result of superior manufacturing and quality components that enhance the product output.


  • Sharp and high-speed blades fasten the blending procedure.
  • Easy to control; used for heavy duty blending.
  • Option of adjusting the blenders blade speed.
  • Dishwasher proof, so easy to maintain.

Despite being heavy, the Epica 4 in 1 blender is good for performing heavy-duty blending works. This is one of the powerful and sturdy immersion blenders that you can place in your kitchen within a cost-effective price. It is most preferable for blending rather than baking, so think before you go for buying this product.

7. OXA Powerful 4 in 1 Immersion Blender

OXA 4 in 1 blender belongs to one of the top-selling immersion blenders available in the market. It is surely a safe and solid choice for those people who are using a hand blender for the first time.

OXA Powerful 4 in 1 Immersion Blender


  1. The OXA Powerful 4 in 1 immersion blender comes with turbo settings and 6-speed options. It works using a 300-watt motor and covers almost every kitchen needs because of its bunch of accessories.
  2. Among the accessories, there are many things like whisk attachment, splash guard, 600ml beaker and food processor. The food processor has storage of 500ml that you can use for making cauliflower rice, guacamole, chunky salsa etc.
  3. This blender is lightweight and has a very sturdy look that is good for any kitchen appliance. The handle is covered with a rubber type material that helps to secure a proper grip. There is also a splash guard which is quite useful because it helps to prevent the juice spilling out of the pot. This keeps your blending process clean and tidy.
  4. All the parts of the blender are dishwasher safe and BPA Free. Thus, you don’t have to waste too much time while cleaning the 4 in 1 blender. The high-quality blades are rust-proof and due to that their lifespan is increased.


  • Speed modifying option plus turbo settings included.
  • Multi-tasking blender as it has a lot of attachments and accessories along with it.
  • Lightweight, sturdy and has a compact size.
  • It is a dishwasher safe and BPA Free product.

This blender is most suitable for those users who are looking for a reliable immersion blender in an affordable budget. Despite the edges might be a bit rough, but the available accessories and performance are very appreciable within such a price tag.

8. Morphy Richards Total Control Hand Blender Pro Set

If you’re tired of using the same old average stick blender, then here is the Morphy Richards Total Control blender to meet all your needs. Due to the use of the Smart Response Technology, the blender can make the juice or smoothies quite faster and better than others.


  1. You will get to alter the speed using the eight speeds option along with pushing the control button on the machine. In this way, the high-quality blades will do their work and you can turn it off by releasing the button. There is also a Turbo button that gives more power when you need for blending, chopping, crushing ice, etc.
  2. The product has 3 storage lids along with the containers. You will get a 750ml beaker with the blender which has a greater capacity for making a better quantity of smoothies, soups and many others at a time.
  3. The Total Control blender has a few tweaks here and there within the standard design. It has a heel rest at the back and the handle of the blender is ergonomically composed using a soft-silicon material. This makes it comfortable to hold the handle and use the machine.
  4. There is a highly responsive button on the blender body in which it has a dial that shows the current speed of the immersions blender. You’ll be able to control the speed of the machine with the help of the given button.


  • It comes with multiple attachments and accessories.
  • Soft start and variable speed option is present in the Total Control Blender.
  • Comes in the reasonable price tag.
  • It has a separate chopping bowl which is useful indeed.

Well, as most of the blenders includes one or two accessories, the Morphy Richard bought a set which has a lot to provide to customers. This makes it of great value and it gets well easy to use. Moreover, cleaning of the blender also seems comfortable. So, this lightweight but powerful tool can be a good kitchen helper for you.

9. Dualit Immersion Blender

The Dualit Immersion Hand Blender is the small kitchen appliance we all need for our daily kitchen works. This high-end blender is an all-in-one device that can deliver a lot of functions in a single time. Let’s check out what are the features it has to offer us.


  1. It operates using a heavy-duty 400-watt DC motor which provides a sufficient amount of power. The 9-inch shaft is very useful when it comes to preparing something through deep blending process. The shaft is sleek in design and can be used to process recipes up to 10 gallons.
  2. It has a smart ergonomic design along with a convenient grip of the handles that makes it easy to hold the blender. There is a speed adjustable option and you can vary the speed from 9000 rpm to 16000 rpm. A Turbo setting is added to it which makes chopping, purifying etc. faster than usual.
  3. The Dualit blender has its own food processor which keeps it ahead from other ordinary hand blenders. There are other accessories available with the blender like 32-ounce beaker, whisk attachment. There is also a blending stick which is detachable and can be used for easy cleaning.
  4. The smart 6 bell-shaped blades are quite strong and designed in such a way that they won’t scratch on the bottom of the bowl. To increase the speed of cooking and blending, there is a mini chopping bowl having a lid and a chopping blade is attached to the non-slip ring. The whole blender has a polished chrome finish.


  • High power motor along with sturdy metal blades.
  • Adjustable speed control and Turbo settings.
  • All the accessories are dishwasher safe; so no issue with cleaning.
  • Scratch resistant product.

So altogether, the Dualit immersion blender seems to be an impressive one due to its design and features. It has a number of attachments that are useful and along with that, the 700-watt power motor is the best thing to mention.

10.Mueller Ultra-Stick 500 Watt 9-Speed Powerful Immersion Multi-Purpose Hand Blender

This one is the last in our list and it is a small immersion blender but proven to be quite useful for blending procedure. This comes at a very less price than the other blenders and provides exceptional quality regarding its services.

best immersion blenderSpecifications:

  1. The Mueller Ultra-Stick comes with a sophisticated design due to its ergonomic grip. For that reason, one might feel it comfortable to fit the handle in the palm and use the machine without slipping issue.
  2. It runs on a copper motor that is powerful and can be used over a long period of time. Due to the high-end technology, this motor runs almost 3 times faster than the other blender motors.
  3. There is a blending arm that can be detached and the fixed blade locks into the motor body gives it an added advantage to work faster and easier. The blades are S-shaped and made of stainless steel which are very efficient while blending ingredients for smoothies, milkshakes, soups etc.
  4. The Mueller 9-Speed blender includes a whisk attachment and it can be used as a multi-tasking tool for cooking.


  • Low budget immersion blender.
  • Comes with a strong durable copper motor and more powerful.
  • You’ll get a 2-year limited warranty.
  • Compact size; doesn’t require much of the kitchen space.

Well, the Mueller Ultra-Stick immersion blender can be the right one that you need within an affordable rate. Especially, the copper motor that enhances the blender speed almost 3X faster than the standard blenders is the main reason to go for this little one.

To Conclude

If you’re still wondering which type of immersion blender to buy for your small kitchen use, then I believe you have the answer. The immersion blenders can play an important role as the alternatives to some of your bulkier kitchen appliances. For preparing light to medium recipes, the immersion blenders are very much appropriate to use. Hence, go through the above list and select the best one regarding all the specs given before purchasing it.

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