8 Best Fondue Pots: An Entire Guide of 2019

8 Best Fondue Pots: An Entire Guide of 2019

Before stepping into our discussion of the top products, a little light on the history of the fondue vessels wouldn’t hurt. Originating in Switzerland, traditionally, a pot bearing melted cheese was heated with the help of a candle. Now, this is a common traditional concept which developed all around different restaurants in the world. This age-old culture is kept alive and reflects the time passed thereby, serving meals by adhering to the norms. However, the practice gradually weakened and faded away but some households still own fondue pots but those which smells of the modern times.

The fondue vessels of today are of different variants ranging from the traditional models to the electric designs. The fire gel-type of fondue burn clean with negligible odor or soot. Similarly, the other types have their own remarkable traits which make them distinctive. Also, they are ideal for melting cheese and chocolate because of the favorable flame they deploy as a heat source.

When you shop for a fondue pot to add to your kitchen collection, you should sort through only the best. The market holds a huge variety and style of fondue vessels which I narrowed down for your convenience. Now, you can pick the one you longed for in a quick glance since I will cut your dilemma short. The article, I present, harbors the list of the best fondue pots of 2019 and hence, helps you to make the final pick!

Best And Budget-Friendly Fondue Pots of 2019: Top Picks

Among an ocean of options, you must make your pick wisely depending on your requirements. If your preparation demands a high-temperature operation, for instance, meat fondue then, you should seek cast iron or stainless steel fondue. Whereas, the cheese and dessert counterparts demand ceramic platforms. Also, if you seek a multipurpose vessel, opt for a 3 in 1 to prepare varied fondue delicacies. And for outdoors you need an electric one, of course. Thus, you can choose all by yourself. Either that, or you can choose from the already filtered and handpicked options laid in front of you. For the best fondue pots, sort through the finest of options.

1. Oster FPSTFN7700R-000 Fondue Pots

best fondue potSpecifications

Dimensions: 6 x 14.8 x 9.6 inches;

Weight: 3.9 pounds;

Manufacturer: Jargon Consumer Solutions



Now, when I tell you to pick from the best fondue vessels, this obviously encompasses most favourable qualities. And the nonstick feature is one of those essential traits. Thus, the Oster’s nonstick surface easily lifts up otherwise-sticky-meals in a smooth manner. Also, this feature, to an extent, enables proper and easy cleaning since food removal in the initial stage of cleaning is simple.

Moreover, the storage capacity is huge featuring a 3-quart capacity rendering enough room for multiple servings. The set holds 8 forks to distribute among both hosts and guests. So, you don’t fall short on cutleries. Besides, the remarkable feature is the temperature regulator which is adjustable, is removable as well. Most products don’t feature the removability but on this side, the Oster relieves you of your fanatic search.

The cool touch handles render easy manoeuvrability and cuts on the mitten-usage. Switch from cheese to chocolate and vice versa thereby experimenting with your skills. Hence, you can experience the best time with close people.


  • The Oster is highly durable and renders the best non-stick quality.
  • The handle retains the neutral temperature for you to maneuver easily thereby rejecting mittens for this purpose
  • It is spacious enough which enables multiple servings.


  • The plug-in connection cord is short

2. Nostalgia 6-Cup Stainless Steel Electric Fondue Pot: Best Overall

fondue potSpecifications

Capacity: 1.4 litres;

Material: Stainless Steel Construction.

The Nostalgia is an electric fondue pot which promises only the best delicacies to serve your guests. And hence, you must make an addition to your kitchenware since this set holds an admiring design.

The pot is ideal for cheese, chocolate, as well as sauce fondue. And the well regulated and monitored heat distribution makes it possible for you to prepare such desserts. Also, the build or the structure is of sturdy stainless steel which proves its durability.

The set arrives with 6 forks that are differently coloured for better recognition. This aspect also helps your dear guests to help themselves in serving their own meal. Another aspect of the set is that their handles retain the coolness which prevents you from burning your fingers.

Finally, the main aspects to award this one of the best is that it covers the standard requirements. The cord length and even heat distribution are what I seek mainly in fondue vessels. And the cord length is pretty long which marks its convenience and the even heat deployment feature quickens your cooking process. The bowl retains the fondue’s warmth and hence, it cuts on the usage of a different vessel, for instance, a casserole. This fondue is both stylish and fully functional.


  • The Nostalgia has 6 coloured forks with notches for proper placement.
  • You can serve the fondue in the desired temperature. The regulator enables you to do it.
  • Also, the handling is plain and simple.
  • You can use this as a platform for egg broths, cheese dips as well as chocolate fondues.


  • The temperature regulator isn’t as easy since the monitoring varies from person to person.

3. NutriChef Counter top Fondue Pot: Highly Convenient

electric fondue potSpecifications

Dimensions: 10.1 x 8.9 x 6.6 inches;

Power: 120 V; Cooking Bowl

Diameter: 7.9 inches;

Storage Capacity: 2 Quarts

The design of the NutriChef is quite compact and highly convenient. Yes, the remarkable feature is its convenience since the handles retain its coolness and the rotary is adjustable. Such features promise a quicker meal process. However, the heated electric base is favourable for melting cheese and chocolate. The set has 6 color-coded forks to prevent confusion. You can regulate the temperature the way you wish and according to the requirements. And this particular feature also saves you from burning your scalding.

This set is actually ideal to serve in large groups provided its storage capacity. Hence, this set finishes your dining night with the loving people. The nonstick pot is heat resistant and you can place the set on a countertop and kitchen table. This also indicates that you can place this bowl where you find the entertainment booming thereby spicing up your party even more. The price of the NutriChef is highly economical and hence with all the convenience, it is quite a steal!


  • The set comes with a cool touch handle so that, you don’t burn your fingers. It also eliminates the mitten usage.
  • The power LED indicator clarifies as to when the vessel is running. Thereby, it adds to the convenience feature.
  • You can place the set anywhere that suits you.


  • The set comes with a cool touch handle so that, you don’t burn your fingers. It also eliminates the mitten usage.
  • The power LED indicator clarifies as to when the vessel is running. Thereby, it adds to the convenience feature.
  • You can place the set anywhere that suits you.
  • The heat deployment is low and isn’t enough to retain the heat.

4. VonShef Fondue Set: Best Heat Retention

VonShef Fondue SetSpecifications

Material: Porcelain enamel cast Iron;

Portable: Yes;

Storage Capacity: 63 fl oz.

The VonShef is considerably the most beautiful centrepiece of your outdoor lunch table. Make a little addition to your wonderful evening celebration too. The fondue pot retains the heat and the porcelain enamel cast iron makes it possible. However, the VonShef design, when added to your kitchenware collection, feeds the eye with its beautiful rustic touch. It stands out distinctively, thereby catching the guests’ attention. It also renders an antique touch at the dinner table beside all the delicacies and hence completes a sophisticated party. Also, bearing 6 coloured forks makes it easier for guests to self-serve. This gives them the flexibility to take their fills as they want!

You can operate the burner with solid fondue gel along with methylated spirits. Also, the burner has a snuffer for safety along with an adjustable or monitoring flame. Now, let me relieve you of the question of the build. The sturdy, strong and durable cast iron qualifies it as a powerful set. Also, the vessel renders an easy cleaning process with no complications. The VonShef cost, too, isn’t anything extravagant. It fits into your budget completely. Thus, you can craft your experiments with desserts and feed your guests with love.


  • The VonShef has a beautiful design and steals attention at the dinner table.
  • It enables you to clean in a simple and easy manner without any problem.
  • You can operate this with fondue gel along with methylated spirit.
  • The set also bears a splash protector ring.


  • The porcelain enamel surface is easily prone to scratches.
  • Therefore, you need to use a wooden or bamboo cutlery to saute and serve.

5. Trudeau Alto 3 in 1 Electric Fondue Set: The Multi functional

Trudeau Alto 3 in 1 Electric Fondue SetSpecifications

Weight: 4 pounds;

Dimensions: 10.5 x 11.95 x 9.5 inches;

Manufacturer: Trudeau;

Material: Stainless Steel featuring a mirror finish.

This electric fondue pot is crafted from stainless steel along with a mirror finish. Thereby, it qualifies one of the initial concerns of durability and strength. Also, this piece arrives with 6 stainless steel forks. The electric base is a powerful 1500 watts for ideal cooking. Similar to the other products, the stainless steel forks are colour coded. This feature, present in most sets, is highly demanding since we all require convenience so that we can rely on it. The design is a sleek one and you can even present the set as a gift to someone who loves fondue pots. The strong heat distribution lets you prepare meat as well. However, the price of the Alto is remarkable just as its promising features. It fits your budget just fine.


  • The set is of sleek design and the stainless steel feature proves marks its durability.
  • The Alto arrives with a recipe booklet. Now, the beginners will find it easy and witness its maximum potential.


  • It has a short power cord which most find problematic since you cannot attach it just anywhere.

6. Cuisinart CFO-3SS Electric Fondue Maker: The Modern-Most

Cuisinart CFO-3SS Electric Fondue MakerSpecifications

Dimensions: 14.1 x 9.6 x 7 inches;

Weight: 1 pound;

Warranty: 3 year.


Fill your guests with your special entrees, desserts and other delicacies with the assistance of the Cuisinart Electric Fondue Maker. The ideal vessel for sauteing and making broth along with chocolate fondue is this set. You can actually do it easily and without any complication thereby providing the amateur chefs efficiency. The set presents a thermostat as well as a heating element and also lets you easily clean the fondue maker manually. Apart from doing it manually, the vessel is dishwasher-friendly and you don’t require to remove any spare parts for machine-cleaning.

he set holds 8 forks all of which are colour-coded. Also, the ring holder prevents it from sliding it down. The storage capacity is 3-quarts which calls for a huge party. And all your favourite dishes which you prepare store just fine in this vessel. The entire set is BPA-free and the nonstick aspect makes an addition to its already-high quality. Also, the Cuisinart costs reasonable enough and hence falls in this list of the best and budget-friendly fondue pots. Hence, with all the good traits the Cuisinart lets you warmly welcome your loved ones and feed them heartily.


  • A vast range of temperature regulation settings makes it stand distinct.
  • The thermostat renders a smart look and therefore it is the modern-most device.
    Wide range of temperature settings available
  • The nonstick interior adds to the sophistication.


  • The Cuisinart’s cord is very short which is the sole concern.
    Features a nonstick interior

7. Swissmar KF-66518 Cast Iron Cheese Fondue: A Traditional Set

Swissmar KF-66518 Cast Iron Cheese FondueSpecifications

Storage Capacity: 2 litres;

Material: Enamelled cast iron;

Burner Includes: 1 Swissmar and 3-ounce fire gel container,

Weight: 12 pounds.


I chose the Swissmar since it is what I cherish. Among the fondue bowl collection that I own, I have kept this at a special place. What makes me treasure this set is its traditional touch. The set highlights an iron fondue pot, a dual-functional burner, 6 forks along with the iron warming stand. The fondue pot is enamelled on the interior and this feature also enables a uniform heat deployment. Apart from that, the vessel is extremely easy to clean as the body makes it apparent. Also, the storage capacity is up to 2 litres which is enough to call it spacious and promotes multiple servings. This set is excellent for dealing in both high and low temperatures. The 9-piece set is extremely versatile since you can also operate it on a cook top.

The set makes serving fun and its design adds to its effectiveness. The strong handle ensures you of its longevity. However, the price of this traditional set is what you expect given its traditional and convenient functions. The best things in life you encounter don’t arrive cheap. As my experience with the Swissmar says, this piece is one tough set and promises to keep disappointments negligible. Hence, taking it home would be a smart choice. Now, you can present your entrees, cheese, and other desserts and make the table more attractive.


  • The Swissmar’s structure is of cast iron construction which promises its durability feature.
  • You don’t require any pre-seasoning since it does its job excellently.
  • You can operate it both on the stove top as well as on stand.
  • It is spacious enough


  • The set is pretty heavy

8. Hamilton Beach Party Dipper Food Warmer: Warmth Retention

Hamilton Beach Party Dipper Food WarmerSpecifications

Dimensions: 7.1 x 7.1 x 7 inches;

Weight: 2.9 pounds;

Storage Capacity: 16 oz.;

Dishwasher Safe: Yes;

Material: Ceramic.

The Hamilton Dipper is remarkable for its heat retention since it can store dips warm for a long time. The lid along with the interior is both made of ceramic and you can remove the inserts in an easy way and clean the fondue vents. The food warmer fondue is capable of holding 1 ½ cups and adds a smart touch to your dinner table. The ingredients require heating of about 30 to 60 minutes. You can attach a stove to it and heat up in no time and then proceed for a refill.

The Hamilton keeps the contents warm and serve-ready. Since this is an electric fondue pot, you don’t require any separate heat source. Also, the price is a huge bargain since it costs lesser than the standard fondue pots. The low-price also doesn’t indicate that it is any less of the standard ones. You are good to go!


  • The electric feature does not call for any separate heat source thereby marking its independence.
  • You will find it very convenient to clean without any problem.
  • The price is a steal but it promises versatility. That is because it is compared with high-end models.


  • You have to buy fondue forks separately.

Craft your confectionery dishes and garnish those attractive delicacies with the help of a device which knows your preferences. As a result, you get the desired dish you longed for along with the satisfaction that you derive from feeding your loved ones.

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