7 Best Bella Crock Pot Review 2020

7 Best Bella Crock Pot Review 2020

What is a crock pot?

bella crock pot review

A crockpot is a slow cooking electrical countertop appliance. It is used to simmer food at a lower temperature as compared to other cooking methods like boiling, baking, or roasting. It helps to cook your food unattended over a cooking time of a maximum of 20 hours. You can prepare a wide variety of dishes like vegetable lasagne, chicken soup, and bread by slow-cooking them with a crockpot. It is literally one of the most useful and easy to use tools that you can get to save your time that you spend attending the cooker while making food for your household or for a party. A wide of crock pots of varying price and brands are available for you in the market so we have done the research for you to choose the Best Bella Crock Pot review.


How does crockpot work?

Slow cookers or crock pots consist of an oval or a round stoneware cooking pot with a lid to cover it. This is surrounded by a metal housing that contains a heating element. They have a high and low-temperature setting. Though some of them even come with a medium temperature setting as well. The newer models come with computerized controls. They can be controlled with a computer or a mobile device. That makes them even easier to use as compared to ever before.


Why use a crock pot?


1.Easy cooking

The second most important reason to use a crock pot is that cooking in a crock pot is easier as compared to doing that by conventional means. Slow cookers allow you to cook your food unattended. You can just set it up and go off to work. The crock pot will make your food ready by slow cooking it by the time you come back.

2.Easy to maintain

A slow cooker allows you to slow cook an entire family meal or a meal for a party in one go. That means have to clean just the crock pot after each meal and be done with it. That makes maintaining it easier as compared to conventional cookers.

3.A time saver

With a conventional cooker, you need to be present to monitor the cooking of the food. Otherwise it may get burnt or get overcooked. But with a slow cooker, you will not have to keep your hands or even your eyes on the cooker. You can leave the crock pot unattended.It will prepare your food within the time you have set on it. Some models of crock pots can cook your food over even a maximum of 20 hours.

4.Healthy for you

A slow cooker is a healthy alternative to a conventional cooker. It can prepare tasty meals for your whole family, vegetarian or non-vegetarian.

5.More affordable as compared to conventional cookers

The biggest and most important reason to use a slow cooker is because it comes at a much lower price than a conventional oven. You can get a crock pot for a price of between $30 to $100. It might also cut down your electricity bills by a significant amount. The amount of energy used by crock pots is around half of the amount of energy used by conventional ovens.


How to find the right crock pot?

Making the following considerations while shopping for a crock pot can help you find the right one for you:-

1.Shape and size

First and foremost, you have to consider the shape and size of the slow cooker or the crock pot, and that of the meal which you will be cooking. There are crock pots of a variety of shapes and sizes. They are available on the market for you to buy.

2.Distribution of heating

In some slow cookers, the crock pot sits on top of the heating unit of the appliance. The heat is distributed unevenly because of this. As a result, you might have to keep stirring the food at regular intervals. You have to prevent it from getting overcooked. Now that is the exact oppposite of what a slow cooker should be. People buy slow cookers exactly so that they can cook their food unattended and save their precious time. So you should make the consideration whether heating is evenly distributed.

3.Material of the crock

You can buy a crockpot with a crock made of ceramic, metal, stainless steel, or porcelain. All of those materials are good at conducting heat. You can buy any one of these, depending on your choice.

4.The lid

Open lid cookers would let out heat and increase the cooking time as a result. Slow cookers with glass lids would be the best. The would let the contents of the crock pot be visible to you. You would be able to check the progress of the cooking process.

5.Keep warm setting

Some slow cookers have a keep warm setting. That helps in keeping the food warm for dinner. The timer goes off after the cooking process is over. Then the slow cooker will automatically switch to keep warm mode. This feature would be very useful to you if you fail to reach home in time to switch off the crock pot. So you are recommended to buy a slow cooker that has a keep warm setting.

The best crock pots to buy in 2020

Crock pots have been around and used by people since the 1970s. There is a wide range of crock pots of varying prices, brands, and shapes and sizes that are available for you in the market in 2020. The following are the best crock pots that you can buy in 2020


1.Elite Gourmet Maxi-Matic MST-500D Review


Best Crock Pot


Elite Gourmet Maxi-Matic MST-500D Review

Elite Gourmet Maxi-Matic MST-500D


It also comes with a bonus 0.75-quart mini dipper.

The heat settings available on this product are high, low, and keep warm.

It also features cool-touch handles, knobs, and a dishwasher-safe tempered glass lid and stoneware pots.

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The Maxi-Matic MST-500D programmable slow cooker comes with a 5-quart removable inner stoneware ceramic pot. It has an oval-shaped design with attractive brushed stainless steel finishing. There are power indicator lights on the slow cooker as well as on the bonus mini dipper. You can get this wonderful product at a very reasonable and affordable price.

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2.Bella 5 Qt Linea Review


Best Crock Pot


Bella 5 Qt Linea Review

Bella 5 Qt Linea


The other features of the Bella 5 Qt Linea are similar to that of the Bella 5 Qt.

The heat settings available in the 5 Qt Linea are high, low, and keep warm.

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The greatest thing about the Bella 5 Qt Linea programmable slow cooker is that it has been designed to have a locking id system. And there is more. You will also get an attached spoon along with the locking lid of the 5 Qt Linea. Other than that, it is similar to the Bella 5Qt in the terms of its functioning. It comes in a wide range of colors and at an affordable price. This item is available for you at a very reasonable price on Amazon com.

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3.Bella 6 Qt Review


Best Crock Pot


Bella 6 Qt Review

Bella 6 Qt


It has a locking lid system and also comes with a digital countdown timer.

The temperature settings available in the Bella 6 Qt are high, low, and keep warm.

It also features cool-touch handles, dishwasher-safe stoneware ceramic pot, and a tempered glass lid.

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The Bella 6 Qt is a programmable slow cooker with a ceramic pot of 6-quart capacity. That makes cleaning the 6 Qt up an easy task and one which takes little time. Basically, it has the same features and functionality as the Bella 5Qt Linea. But it is comparably larger in size than the Linea. Also, you can get it at a reasonable and affordable price not much higher than that of the Linea.

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4.Bella 6.5 Qt Review


Best Crock Pot


Bella 6.5 Qt Review

Bella 6.5 Qt


It comes with a pot with a capacity of 6.5 quarts.

The 6.5 Qt is also larger than all the other models of crock pots from Bella.

The pot is made of ceramic and that makes it very easy to clean.

The style of the 6.5 Qt is also different from all the other models of crock pots from Bella.

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The Bella 6.5 Qt programmable slow cooker is the most unique among all the other models of slow cookers from Bella. It also comes with cool-touch handles to protect your hands. You can get a brand new Bella 6.5 Qt slow cooker at a comparably higher price than the other models. But it is still a reasonable price for such a great product. It is the crock pot that has got the best feedback among all the crock pots that have been mentioned in this list.

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5.Bella Connectable 2.5 Qt Review


Best Crock Pot


Bella Connectable 2.5 Qt Review

Bella Connectable 2.5 Qt


This feature of the Connectable 2.5 Qt slow cooker might be very helpful to you in certain situations.

The capacity of each pot is 2.5 quart.

Each slow cooker comes with its own plug and cord.

The 2.5 Qt is great for small meals.

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There is a special thing about the Connectable 2.5 quart programmable slow cooker from Bella. It consists of two slow cookers. They can cook as well as connect, both at the same time. So you can use it to cook two different food items for 2 people or more at the same time. It also features the heat settings of high, low, and, and keep warm like all the other crock pots that have been discussed in this list. You can get it at a very affordable price at Amazon com as compared to all the other crock pots in the list.

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6.Bella 8 Qt Review


Best Crock Pot


Bella 8 Qt Review

Bella 8 Qt


It has ten 1-touch functions. these include: saute, browning, slow cook, pressure cook, stew, meat, and rice.

The auto-locking lid makes it very safe to use.

It also features a non-stick cooking pot and other accessories.

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The Bella 8 quart 10 in 1 programmable multi cooker comes with a stainless steel surface. The 8 quart slow cooker saves the space your counter and the time in your day. You can prepare a multitude of dishes with this essential appliance for your kitchen.With this appliance, you can make family meals at the press of a button. It is also very easy to clean and is dishwasher safe.The exterior looks very sleek and functional. In addition to immediate cooking, you can also set a delay timer that allows the multi cooker to start cooking at a later time. That is a great feature which you cannot find in the other slow cookers mentioned in this list. Overall, it is a very impressive product from Bella. You can get it at an affordable price on Amazon.com.

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7.Bella 1.5 Qt Triple Slow Cooker Review


Best Crock Pot


Bella 1.5 Qt Triple Slow Cooker Review

Bella 1.5 Qt Triple Slow Cooker


It comes with spoon rests and lid holders, which means you can serve directly from the slow cooker.

It has temperature adjustment settings: high, low, and keep warm.

It features recessed handles on the sides for easy portability.

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The Bella triple slow cooker cooks three dishes at varying times. And that too at varying temperatures and spice levels. It is great for kitchen dining. It can keep food warm after cooking. This triple slow cooker can slow cook meals at ideal temperatures. It is totally safe for dishwashers. It can be of great help to you in certain situations at home. You definitely won’t regret buying the triple slow cooker from Bella. You can get it at an affordable and reasonable price.

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crock pots are an effective way to cook your food unattended. They are very useful for saving time in this fast-paced world. There is a wide range of slow cookers of varying price range and brands that is available to you in the market. They come with pots made of varying materials, varying capacities, and other varying features. The above list can hopefully help you in finding a suitable slow cooker for yourself and according to your preferences.


Yes. You can safely put a Bella crockpot into an oven. It is oven-safe. No matter which model you are referring to.
Among all the crock pots mentioned in the list, the Bella 8 quart has received the best customer reviews as compared to all the other crockpots. So you can safely call the Bella 8 quart the best crock pot to buy among the ones mentioned here.
No. Crock pots generally do not explode. That is because they don't hold any pressure in them. The steam that forms escapes through the holes on the lid.
Yes. Slow cooking in general is a healthy way to cook. Slow cooking in a crock pot keeps the nutrients and moisture in your food.
yes. A crock pot is cheaper than an oven. It even lowers your electricity bill. Also, the food it cooks is tastier than that cooked in an oven.