Know The Best Microwave Oven In 2019 Before You Shop

Know The Best Microwave Oven In 2019 Before You Shop

A microwave oven is an electric oven that uses electromagnetic radiation to cook and heat up food. Since a microwave oven cooks food much faster than the conventional cooking methods, it has become one of the daily household products. Moreover, it does not require fire and ensures a safer way of cooking. As a result, your kitchen also remains cool. Besides this, it takes minimum effort to clean a microwave oven.

This innovative way of cooking was quite dearer for some years after its invention. But now, many companies have engaged themselves in the manufacturing of this kitchen appliance. Hence, its price has come down to such a level that it fits within the budget of the middle class. So, if you are looking to buy one, go through this article to know about the best microwave oven that is worth your money.

Features To Look In A Microwave Oven

Consider the following points to decide on the best microwave oven to buy. Also, go for the one that matches your requirements.

1.Power Consumption And Speed

Usually, the higher the wattage, the faster is the cooking. So, a 1000-watt microwave oven will definitely cook faster than a 700-watt oven.

2. Need For Replacement

You shall take into account the guarantee period of the appliance and how often you will need to replace it. Generally, microwave ovens have an average lifespan of 10 years, but you will undoubtedly go for the brand that ensures a greater lifespan.

3. Internal Capacity

The internal capacity of a microwave ranges from less than one cubic foot to over 2 cubic feet. So, check whether this capacity will be able to accommodate the utensils you are going to use and the amount of food you will prepare. If you do not have adequate space in your kitchen, then you can opt for a counter top microwave oven.

Over-the-range microwave ovens free up the counter space in a kitchen. Even this also does not solve your problem; then built-in microwave oven is the best option for you. It’s because of the reason that these ovens are built into a wall or surrounded by cabinetry.

4. Features

Make sure that the microwave oven you are planning to buy has a defrosting feature. Also, see that it has specialised cooking buttons for a popcorn setting or a TV dinner setting. Purchase such a microwave oven that has a turntable. Otherwise, you will have to power off the appliance in the middle of cooking and turn the dish to cook your food evenly.

5. Dependability And Consistency

Before buying a microwave oven, you must ensure that it gives the same expected result every time. Moreover, it also confirms that it cooks the food evenly. If your oven does not have metal racks, then it will heat the top layer of the food only. As a result, the food won’t be cooked evenly.

6. Versatility

You shall go for such a microwave oven that can fulfil several purposes ranging from cooking, roasting, baking, grilling, and toasting.

7. Convection And Inverter

A convection microwave oven is expensive but ensures even distribution of heat throughout the food. If you buy a microwave oven equipped with an inverter, then you can reduce the power consumption. Though it is costlier than other forms of microwave ovens, it can maintain an even temperature throughout the cooking.

8. Preset And Controls

A microwave oven with several offers has more functionalities than others. But, before buying such a product, make sure that the presets are not faulty. Otherwise, they can add confusion to the interface and affect the quality of cooked food items.

9. Attractiveness

Though the other features of a microwave oven are essential, its design also modifies our preference. This feature varies from one user to another. So, choose a microwave according to your taste and preference.

10.Space Required

The microwave oven you are going to buy must not occupy too much of your kitchen space. Otherwise, it can create problems for accommodating other kitchen appliances. The available space varies with the size of the kitchen. You can get microwave ovens ranging from ranging from 10 x 18 x 14-inches (25.4 x 45.7 x 35.6 cm) to 14 x 24 x 20-inches (35.6 x 61 x 50.8 cm) in the market. The size of the microwave oven depends on how large your kitchen counter is and how much food you want to cook at a time.

11. Affordability

Counter top microwave ovens are cheaper to install when compared to the other types.  A mid-sized counter top microwave could cost you somewhere around $70-$500 while the built-in one is quite expensive. It is the general psychology of people to get more benefits at a lesser cost. So, set a maximum price that you will be able to spend on a microwave oven and then take the decision.

7 Best Microwave Ovens You Can Buy

Let us check the top performing microwave ovens in 2019.

1) Panasonic NN-SN651B

It is a high powered, full size, and inverter that provides the functionalities of many expensive microwave ovens.

Panasonic NN-SN651BProduct Details

It has 1.2 cubic feet of space inside that is enough to accommodate mid-sized to large utensils. This model comes in black and white colour. If you want you can also get it in the form of stainless steel. It has multiple power settings to defrost foods and allow you to cook your food at a low or high temperature as per your choice. Though it does not have extra bells and whistles, its internal heat sensors ensure even cooking throughout the food.

The design of this model is very classic and have a push button instead of a handle to open its front door. It has 10 different power levels and an electronic button for preparing popcorn.


  • It is portable as it is extremely light in weight.
  • Sensor Reheat, Sensor Cook, Child Safety Lock, and Inverter Turbo Defrost are vital features of this model.
  • It allows you to keep your food inside it on the ‘keep warm’ function to retain heat within your food until it is served.
  • Its inverter technology ensures even cooking of the food items.
  • It has a flat keypad panel for easy-to-use programming, and the turntable is about 13-inches in diameter.


  • It can be a little noisy while operating.

2) Best Over-The-Range Microwave Oven: Whirlpool’s 1.9-Cubic-Foot Convection

This is one of the best product of Whirlpool. The oven is easy to use and keeps your kitchen clean. Let’s take a look at the specifications.

Product Specifications

Being an over-the-range microwave oven, Whirlpool’s 1.9-cubic-foot convention is more comfortable to install. This appliance reduces your effort as it has sensors to set automatic cooking time and power according to the weight of your dish.

The oven keeps your kitchen smudge free as its powerful blower whisks steam and smoke from your kitchen. It is a 1600 watt convection model with a four-speed, 400-cubic-foot-per-minute blower to handle excessive steam and smoke. If you are not so accustomed to cooking, you might feel afraid of overcooking. But, the steam control and sensor cooking features prevent overcooking of your food.


  • The unique convection rack of this microwave oven enables you to heat multiple microwave ovens at the same time.
  • It has a large 14-inch turntable that can accommodate dishes of various sizes.
  • Also, its ‘Steam-Clean’ technology simplifies your cleaning job. It’s so because unlike other microwave ovens, you can clean it easily by using a soft sponge.
  • It has a sleek design that will fit in a small kitchen counter.
  • Now, its back lit controls are active only when you use this oven.
  • It comes with a scan-to-cook technology that can scan the bar code on a food item via your mobile phone. You can thereby send the cooking instructions of the specific food item to your microwave oven.
  • Above all these benefits, this model has a 4.4-star rating out of 5.


It might not fit within the budget of middle-class people. Besides this, it has an automatic fan that works when the oven is in use. The sound of this fan might seem annoying to you.

3) Best Built-In Microwave Oven: Panasonic’s NN-SD945S

It is one of the best inventions by Panasonic. The model is quite attractive and comes with some cool technologies.

best microwave ovenProduct Features

This model is available in two sizes so that you can select the one that suits the counter space in your kitchen. It is a 1250 watts oven and ranks top among the most powerful ovens available in the market. It is equipped with a combination of traditional and modern technology. Hence, it has the functionalities of the traditional microwave ovens and also ‘Inverter’ technology to steam, braise, and poach.

Its exterior dimensions range from 23⅞-inches in length to 19 15/16-inches in width and 14-inches in height. It has a 2.2 cubic foot interior as well. This model complies with 2016 DOE Energy Conservation Standards and thereby minimises power consumption. It has 18 presets auto cook menu items, and its turntable is 16.5 inches long.


  • It has 18 preset options that allow you to cook almost all the food items with a simple touch of a button.
  • Despite its size, it has more than enough inside than most of the expensive microwave ovens.
  • You can place your large dishes in its 15-inch turntable tray to cook your food.
  • It cooks the food evenly and restores the same result every time irrespective of the food items.
  • Users have already given it a 4.2-stars out of 5.
  • It is budget-friendly and has a built-in inverter technology.
  • Its parented inverted technology preserves the flavor and texture of your favourite foods.


The main drawback of this model is that it is louder than many other microwave ovens.

4) Best Affordable Convection Toaster Oven: Toshiba EC042A5C-SS

This is the pick of 2019 from the house of Toshiba. The oven not only cooks perfectly but also fits your budget.

Toshiba EC042A5C-SSProduct Specifications

It helps to distribute the heat evenly and prevents the edges and centre of your dish from burning. It is more expensive than Panasonic and GE models, but it is cost-effective if you consider its qualities.

It is a 1500 watt microwave oven with 1.5 cubic feet interior capacity. It also provides sensor cooking and reheating functions to reduce your effort by adjusting the temperature accordingly.


  • It is simple to use and easy to clean.
  • The model has an auto menu for roasting, baking, and defrosting.
  • It has already obtained 3.5-stars out of 5 and has positive reviews.
  • It is the best affordable model among the convection microwave ovens.


  • It might not provide the amount of heat as provided by other convection microwave ovens.

5) The Westinghouse 0.6-Cubic-Foot Counter Top Rotary Microwave

It can be the best choice for all those users who do not want to get confused with a lot of complex electronic buttons. Let’s take a look at the features.

best microwave ovenProduct Characteristics

This 900 watts oven might not be the biggest microwave oven in the market. But, it is the most powerful one for most of the tasks you expect a modern microwave oven to perform. Its interior capacity is of 0.6 cubic foot, and the turntable is of 9.5-inches in diameter. Its inner size is quite enough to accommodate middle-sized dishes. It can be the ideal product if you do not too much of your kitchen space to spare.


  • It is cheaper than most other microwave ovens.
  • It is preferable for small households and to prepare small quantities of food.
  • Most of the experts have preferred this model, and more than 1200 reviewers have rated it 4.1 out of 5 stars.
  • It is easy to understand as it has dials instead of electronic buttons.
  • It has a black front display and cabinet for compact durability.


If the counter space is not a factor in your kitchen, then you might not like this model. Similarly, if you are looking for a microwave with multiple presets, then do not go for this one.

6) Best Value And Small Microwave Oven: Farberware FMO07ABTBKA

If you do not have enough space in your kitchen and looking for a small oven, then this is your pick. It is indeed the best value buy. Know the features.

Farberware FMO07ABTBKAProduct Features

It is a counter top microwave oven that is 10.1-inches in height, 17.3-inches in width, and 12.8-inches in depth. It is a 700 watts oven with a 10-inches turntable. It has digital microwave controls and has an interior capacity of 0.7 cubic feet. It neither has a cooking light nor a sensor cook. It has 10 power levels and 6 preset options to carry out various functions.

It can produce evenly cooked food items such as potatoes. But, it’s performance is not so good while preparing popcorn’s and pizza. Though it is the smallest microwave oven, it can accommodate a large dinner plate properly. It requires much less space when compared to the largest microwave models. Still, it goes better with a small household and not for a family household.


  • It is a cost-saving model for those who are willing to replace their existing microwave oven right away.
  • It has a removable turntable, and a defrost feature to heat frozen foods instantly.
  • The model comes with a child lock option for additional safety purposes.
  • It has performed fairly in most of the cooking tests and produced well-cooked food items.


It might not be fruitful for long-term investment because it has a shorter warranty period.
This oven may fail to cook large quantities of food correctly.

7) Most Powerful: RCA RMW1414

If you don’t like spending too much time cooking, then this can be your pick. This powerful oven will save your time and effort.

best countertop microwaveProduct Specifications

It is faster than other microwave ovens and has a 1.4 cubic foot interior to accommodate family meals. It varies from 12.25-inches in height to 21.75-inches in width. This product is surviving in the market for an extended period. When a popcorn test was carried on, this oven left only 3.5 grams of un popped kernels. It has a timer and digital clock to give you a signal when the cooking is over.

You can get this model in both white and stainless steel whichever you want. It is a mid-size microwave oven with 6 auto cooking one-touch menu and a removable glass turntable. Moreover, it comes with a child safe locks out feature to save your children from fatal consequences.


  • This oven has sensors for the reheat function to heat your food to the right temperature.
  • It has performed well when tested with several food items.
  • It has preset buttons for preparing popcorn, potatoes, and pizzas.
  • You can easily heat large quantities of leftovers in a standard sized dinner plate or a large mixing bowl.
  • It has a safety lock feature to prevent fire due to overheating of food items.
  • It contains a turntable to accommodate large quantities of food items.


  • This model costs $100 that can be quite expensive for most of you.
  • It lacks a quick-cook function and therefore, you will need to press at least two electronic buttons to start a cooking cycle.
  • There is no ‘Add 30 seconds’ button to extend your cooking time.

On The Whole…

Microwave ovens have occupied a prominent place in the modern kitchen due to its time and effort saving capacity. It is such a multipurpose appliance that it allows you to cook, roast, bake, grill, and toast items with ease. It requires less oil than the traditional cooking methods, and hence you can use it to prepare low-fat food.

If you are not an expert in cooking or does not have time to prepare food, then you can take help of this modern appliance. It will cook the food uniformly by restoring the flavor and texture of the food. It can heat up frozen food items at a single instance.

So, if you are planning to buy a microwave oven, then this article will guide you in the best way. On the other hand, if you haven’t yet planned for buying this kitchen appliance, then you will gain interest after reading this article. So, hurry up and get the right microwave oven for yourself and your family.

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