Get To Know The Best Hand Mixer Of The Market

Get To Know The Best Hand Mixer Of The Market

If you are a keen baker or just an amateur looking for the best hand mixer for yourself. You can use a hand mixer to mix the heavy ingredients while baking cookies, cakes, pies, puddings etc. Often mixing them with hand ends up with an uneven addition of the ingredients. Hence, hand mixers provide the users with an easy mixing. There are numerous brands available in the market featuring exclusive mixers which might confuse you. To know the best mixers with the features that they are designed with, go through the best reviews mentioned in the article.

Best Hand Mixer Reviews To Sort The Ideal Mixer

Although, there are various brands featuring mixers, the Breville hand mixer, Kitchen aid, Cuisinart etc.., are best known for manufacturing handy, durable, long lasting and budget-friendly mixers. If you are urging to buy a mixer but do not know which would be the best-suited for your kitchen, go through the reviews.  


This hand mixer is one of the most intuitive amongst all the other mixers that are available on the market. The mixer is designed with a superb interface that can detect the type of attachment you’re using. Then, the mixer adjusts the speed according to the product and blends perfectly. The mixer has a 240-watt DC motor which is relatively quiet when you are using at lower speeds.

The Breville mixer also has scrapers attached to it, to mix well even from the edges of the bowl without making noises. The machine is easy to use and also features a built-in timer. The timer helps you to maintain accuracy when dealing with recipes that require precise mixing times. If you wish to increase the speed to thoroughly mix, you need to move the wheel forward. Moreover, the mixer also has a built-in light which helps you to see the ingredients clearly. It also has a pause button on pressing again which you can add ingredients again and mix them at the same speed.


  1. Product Dimensions: 21.6 cm x 8.9 cm x 26 cm.
  2. Weight: 1.81 Kg
  3. The mixer is easy to operate and is not much heavy to carry.  
  4. The mixer has a built-in timer.


The KitchenAid stand mixer has an impressive speed of nine that allows you to easily mix ingredients with slow stirring. The hand mixer is best known for easy use, providing you a feature of gradually bringing the beater up to a selected speed and minimise the splattering.

Are you struggling with the cord while cooking? To fix the issue you can easily lock the cord to the left or right side of the mixer. The mixer also provides a feature to quickly remove any accessory attachments by simply pressing one button with one of your hands.

Important Features To Rememberbest hand mixer

  1. You can operate the mixer with only one hand.
  2. 9 Speeds and can Combine ingredients quickly.
  3. The beater can be modified into a speed that helps to prevent ingredients from splattering.
  4. The cord can be locked at both the sides of the mixer. As the cord is round, it is easy to wipe and clean.
  5. Remove any accessory from the mixer by clicking on a single button.
  6. Product Dimensions 8.9 x 20.3 x 15.2 cm and weight 907 g.


The Cuisinart mixer is unique from other mixers. It comes with a storage case that easily fits on to the mixer. The mixer features nine different speed settings out of which three you can use to give a slow start and prevent splattering. It even allows you to easily adjust the speeds while using the mixer easily. This mixer is the best budget-friendly mixer with a strong, simple and sturdy look.

           Product Details                                     CUISINART 9-SPEED HANDHELD MIXER

  1. Handheld mixer with a 220-watt motor.
  2. Simple on/off button; 1-touch speed control and 9-speed options
  3. 3 low start speeds to prevent ingredients from splattering;
  4. Measures approximately 8-1/2 by 3-8/9 by 8-8/9 inches
  5. The mixer is simple and sturdy.
  6. Product Dimensions 8.5 inches, 3.9 inches, and 8.9 inches
  7. Item Weight 4 pounds


The Hamilton beach hand mixer is a beginner’s choice and is regarded as the best budget buy. If you are getting into cooking or baking or is a college student, this is a perfect mixer for you. It comes with a storage case that helps to fit in the device providing an easy-access to the door. The skill fully built mixer has included a pulse function to control the speed settings and give the user more control over the mixing process producing less mess.

Moreover, the mixer also provides you to quickly get the mixer to its 290-watt peak power by clicking the burst button. You might often need to use the button to perfectly mix the stubborn ingredients. Along with all these excellent features, the mixer comes with 6 attachments, wire beaters, dough hooks and a milkshake mixer with a whisk. The mixer is easy to operate and provides an easy mixture of the ingredients. Ejecting the attachments are also quick and easy as you can implement the process by simply pressing a button.

Important Features   best hand mixer

  1. The mixer comes with 6 compartments, a whisk, a milkshake mixer, dough hooks, and wire beaters as well.
  2. Easy to access and has a bowl rest feature
  3. The machine comes with a storage bag.
  4. It is designed with a burst button that helps to change the speed settings.
  5. You can easily eject the attachments upon clicking on a small button.
  6. Product Dimensions 8.3 x 5.7 x 9.2 inches
  7. Item Weight >3 pounds.


This inexpensive hand mixer from Black+Decker boasts five different speeds — stir, combine, mix, blend, beat/whip — and a power boost. The 175-watt motor makes it perfect for mixing batters, sauces, and dough’s. Features an ergonomic grip for comfortable use and the heel of the mixer is designed to rest upright on the counter or sit on the edge of the bowl. The durable beaters are also removable and dishwasher safe for an easy cleanup. The mixer includes a two-year limited warranty, making it affordable and reliable.


  • The Decker’s hand mixer is designed with professional wire beaters that help for easy mixing of the ingredients.
  • The mixer does not weigh much and has an ergonomic design.
  • Bowl and heel rest
  • It has a slow first speed, hence helps to prevent less mess.
  • 175 Watts of power and 5 speeds

6. KRUPS GN492851 Hand Mixer

The Krups hand mixer comes with a storage bag providing easy storage of all the parts and cord of the mixer. It comes with a ten speed and turbo boost feature with a pause button as well. You can mix the ingredients of your choice and in your desired consistency. The Turbo Boost feature provides an extra burst of power and the pause option provides you an additional feature to add the ingredients in case you forgot them. The mixer is designed with silicone coated stainless steel beaters that reduce the noise and also enables you to mix the ingredients evenly. Moreover, the stainless steel pots or bowls does not scratch.

KRUPS GN492851 Hand MixerKey Features To Keep In Mind

  • Hand mixer with 10-speed settings, turbo boost for an extra burst of power
  • Stainless-steel accessories include 2 silicon-coated beaters, 2 dough hooks, and a whisk
  • Count-up timer with pause function for easily keeping track of mixing time
  • Quiet operation; adjust speed setting with a simple slide
  • Hand washing recommended; compact case included for easy storage
  • Product Dimensions: 10.2 x 6.5 x 7.3 inches
  • Item Weight: 2.2 pounds

7. Victorinox 102.206 12000 RPM Bamix-Mono 133 Hand Mixer

When compared with other hand mixers, the Victorinox mixer will definitely strike the minds of the user. This is mainly used for blending, aerating, whisking and chopping, and then mounting it on the handy bracket when not in use. The two speed allows you to control the action making the mixer more durable and long lasting. The mixer is designed with three tough blades and a blending beaker for the easy and gentle mixing of the ingredients. The hand blender has carbon stainless steel making the blades more durable, strong and long-lasting. Due to the stainless steel built, the mixer is scratch proof.

Victorinox 102.206 12000 RPM Bamix-Mono 133 Hand MixerProduct Specifications   

  • Product Dimensions: 6.4 x 6.4 x 34.3 cm
  • Weight: 953 g
  • Durable and strong as the blades are of stainless steel.
  • It is mainly used for blending, aerating, whisking and for chopping.
  • It is designed with three strong blades for an easy mixing of the ingredients.


8. Mueller Ultra-Stick Hand Mixer

When compared with other hand mixers, the Mueller Ultra Stick hand mixer will definitely strike the mind of the user. The mixer is a 9-speed mixer with 500 Watt of capacity. The mixer is powerful. Durable, long-lasting and easy to use. The mixer is known to be a multi-purpose machine designed with pure copper motor brushed stainless steel finishing giving the mixer a classy and a stylish look. The mixer also includes a whisk attached to it which helps you for mixing the ingredients well.

Product Specifications   

  • The mixer has an ergonomic grip that offers the users a non-slip and comfortable grip.
  • Mueller hand mixer is designed with a  removable blending arm with fixed blades. These blades help to lock the mixer and also for the easy operation.
  • The stainless steel blade quickly helps in the blending of the  ingredients for smoothies, milkshakes, soups or baby food and the quality
  • The mixer has a whisk attachment to it.
  • The product includes a hand blender, whisk and a manual.
  • Package Dimensions of the mixer is 16.1 inches in length, 11.1 inches in height and  3.1 inches in width.
  • Item Weight 2.29 pounds

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