Top 12 Best Non-Stick Cookware 2019: A Guide

Top 12 Best Non-Stick Cookware 2019: A Guide

The modern replaces the traditional even when it comes to preparing dishes. For delicious and attractive preparations, you need to bring some alterations in your initial steps. The non-sticks are the new ones and their services are promising. Such cook pans bear innumerable benefits, be it regarding health or convenience. The technology built in the pans or cooking platforms is very progressive and efficient. The function of the technology is apparent from its name. It enables you to simplify your work and provides hassle-free cooking management. Also, the non-sticks are so easy to use that they are a favourable choice of the first-time chefs. Therefore, its popularity is developing in a multiplying frequency.

Best nonstick cookware are Made of aluminium, the said cookwares are less expensive, when compared to those made of steel or copper. Thereby, erasing one of your concerns it adds to its privileges. The fries and omelets stick no more, nor do you have to apply physical force to clean it. Therefore, you can land a poached egg in your plate in one piece without scrambling it. Also, the new cooks experimenting for the first time won’t burn their expectations along with the meal. However, there are countless health benefits in using such materials. The earlier utensils required enough cooking oil and butter to fry in but the latest ones do not. Thereby, it chops down your fat and calorie intakes by a huge gap and improves cholesterol.

Therefore, your heart remains healthy since such safe and pure meals avoid clogged arteries. That is why I list before you the 12 best non-stick cookware of 2019.

The 12 Best Non-Stick Cookware of 2019

The nonstick components of 2019 about which I list for your convenience, are the exact ones which you’d want. Talk about durability, strength, longevity, health whatever you desire, you get all in this article which accounts for only the best delivery of performance. Hence, without further delay, lay your eyes on the following.

Recycled, Lightweight and Best Design: Ecolution Evolve Non-Stick Fry Pan

The pan makes your kitchen space look incredible since it gives a modern touch to it. The design and build of this product make it easier in operation. For instance, the rings at the bottom help in the even heat distribution thereby speeding up the cooking process. However, the light-weight aspect of this beautifully designed pan is another benefit since you don’t trouble your hands for long. Also, the handle retains the normal temperature even immediately after you cook. Thereby, it enables you to hold it bare-handed.

Also, it is made out of recycled materials mostly covering 70% of the product. Hence, it has its eco-friendly side secure. This is the aspect which makes the pans a little expensive. And I tell you, the best things don’t arrive at your doorstep for free. The Ecolution Evolve is, therefore, a highly sophisticated product. I suggest buying this since it delivers every desirable aspect that we look for in non-stick cookware.

best nonstick cookware



Type of Surface: Proprietary Nonstick Coating;

Size: 14 inches;

Oven-Safe: Not oven safe






  • The Ecolution Evolve is very light-weight which promotes manoeuvrability while cooking.
  • The sophisticated aspect is that it is made out of recycled materials.
  • Also, the design is a sleek one which adds to its beauty and attractiveness
  • The silicon handle is of a user-friendly design which prevents you from the pain for holding it for long.


  • The surface can potentially scratch.

The Best Compact: Calphalon Contemporary Nonstick Pan

This compact-yet-functional pan is the best non-stick utensil. It mainly offers a highly smooth egg preparation and its high durability aspect just adds to its greatness. It is oven-friendly and can tackle heat up to 450 degrees. However, the materials employed to craft it is the hard anodised aluminium thereby proving its durability. It is dishwasher-friendly as well as manually cleanable. The product has a strong back up with a year of warranty. However, the price is quite expensive given its compact size and that it allows mainly small preparation like eggs. Apart from that, if you seek a compact-yet-strong product, the Calphalon is what you need.

Calphalon Contemporary Nonstick Pan


Type of Surface: Proprietary Nonstick Coating;

Size: 8 inches;

Oven-Safe: 450 inches.






  • The handle provides longevity and is wisely crafted. The double riveted feature promotes this aspect.
  • It is favourable for small meal preparation and mainly for one or two.


  • Food may stick at the metal rivets.

Highly Durable: Healthy Non-Stick Fry Pan Set

The most remarkable and the most genuine reason for its popularity is its durability. The ceramically coated surface proves its durability. Also, while cooking sometimes toxins release from the surface but not in this set. The set does not release any such toxins into the cooking meal and hence, presents a healthy diet. The package comes with 3 pieces of pans, one of 8 inches, another or 10 inches and finally a 12-inch. Thus, the satisfying part is that you can use the size you want. If you plan to carry it for just a few days, for camping or for any short trip, you can take the smallest. And at home, you can use the biggest or the semi one whatever suits. Also, the handle is of a stay-cool design so you don’t burn your hands. However, the price also fits in your budget. Hence, the pan set renders excellent performance and delivers convenience at its best.

Healthy Non-Stick Fry Pan Set


Type of Surface: Ceramic;

Size: 8, 10, 12 inches;

Oven-Safe: Not oven safe.






  • The aluminium construction gives its lightweight aspect which also heats up promptly. Thus, it cooks evenly.
  • They are extremely easy and simple to clean.
  • The set arrives in various and multiple sizes.


  • The handles can potentially loosen which you have to tighten up.

Exceptional Heat Conduction: Hard-Anodized Cuisinart 622-30G

You may hear about Cuisinart from your neighbours or chances are that you would use them yourself. Being one of the best market-holders, they now present the Cuisinart 622. The 12-inch product is extremely spacious and the material is reinforced with titanium for an easy-clean feature. Also, the tapered skillet rim doesn’t allow the bubbles to cross the brim. The glass hood tightly seals the set for a quicker cooking process. It is oven-safe of till 500 degrees of temperature. The material is also helpful in proper cleaning.

Hard-Anodized Cuisinart 622-30G


Type of Surface: Proprietary Nonstick Coating;

Sizes: 12 inches;

Oven-Safe: Yes, 500 degrees.




  • It spreads the heat evenly and thus gives great heat conduction.
  • The cleaning process is very easy and simple. Also, a warm soapy cloth cleans it as easily.


  • You cannot clean the skillet in the dishwasher.

Teflon Free and Easy Clean: Gotham Steel 10-Piece Set

The pans hold a temperature of up to 500 degrees which indicates that it is oven-safe. This, the Gotham Steel is considerably one of the best nonstick cookware set. Its pans and pots have a coating of Ticerama for a nonstick surface. Hence, in place of Teflon, the other alternative works and is also scratch-free. And you can use metal to cook in these pans. However, this set consists of 10 pieces including two 1.5 quarts and 2.5 quarts saucepans. Also, there exist two round pans of 8.5 inch and 10.5 inches. Along with these, the set arrives with 4 tempered glass hoods for a tight seal. That is, for increasing the cooking process. This is a very reliable set and costs very low when compared to other non-stick sets. But this Gotham Steel is the best nonstick cookware set.

I say this since I own the Gotham Steel set and hence, I present you an honest review about this one. The set, what I feel, is by far the best.

best nonstick cookware set

Type of Surface: Graphite;

Size: Varying;

Oven-Safe: 500 degrees.




  • They are highly reliable.
  • Also, the Gotham set is extremely easy to clean.
  • The stay-cool handles provide extreme comfort-ability


  • For being non-stick the surface needs seasoning.

Best Consistency: Green Life Soft Grip Ceramic Nonstick Pans

The GreenLife is the best ceramic frying pan since it promotes healthy cooking and also easy cleaning. The material is of reinforced aluminium for conducting heat properly. Also, it is oven-friendly till the temperature of 350 degrees. The handles are immense soft which indicated that your hands don’t get tired by holding for a prolonged period of time. The set includes a couple of pans measuring 7 and 10 inches. However, it also indicates the amount of thought they put in manufacturing such a product. The pans are scratch-free and hence, prove their durability. The set comes in various colours that are bright and give your kitchen a modern look. The colours that the cookware comes in include burgundy, turquoise, and black. Also, the set fits your budget and is very convenient to use.

Green Life Soft Grip Ceramic Nonstick Pans



Type of Surface: Thermolon Ceramic;

Size: 7 and 10 inches;

Oven-Safe: Up to 350 degrees.






  • Prepare your food easily since the pan heats up and renders consistency.
  • The bright colours of the exterior add a modern looking touch to your kitchen space.


  • You must cook in low heat. Using the medium and high regulations are a big no.

Best Overall: T-Fal E93808 Nonstick Pan

The T-Fal is multi functional, that is, you can put it in the oven even on cook tops. It manages even if the oven temperatures reach 400 degrees. Also, the frying pan base is of stainless steel and hence the heat spreads evenly while cooking. However, moving on from the exterior, the inner material is extremely durable. And this permits you to allow any metal utensil on it not worrying even a little about scratches. Also, there is a remarkable feature that makes it stand unique and that is the heat indicator. The disappearance of the red spots indicates that it is ready to use. Thus, you are aware if its preheated. The handle stays cool all throughout the cooking process. Also, this silicone handle remains bare-handedly usable even after you take it fresh out from the hot oven. However, I suggest the T-Fal since it is a highly effective tool that comes remarkably cheap. Yes, the price is very sensible and offers immense convenience. I use the T-Fal and take it from me, it helps in every way.

T-Fal E93808 Nonstick Pan

Size: 12 ½ inches;

Oven-Safe: Up to 400 degrees;

Type of Surface: Prometal.


  • You can put it in the oven and hence no pan transfers.
  • The heat indicator tells you if the pan is preheated well.


  • The centre has a little uprising for which liquids run to its sides.

Best Anti-Corrosion: Bulbhead Ceramic Cookware Set

The Bulbhead Ceramic is the one you should turn to if you switch between oven and stove top frequently. That is because it is capable of tackling heat up to 500 degrees of temperature. Also, the ceramic coating over the copper-infused material enables you to easily lift your chicken Parmesan entirely leaving no residue stuck on the surface. The set arrives with PFOA, PTE, PTFOS-free components which guarantees healthy eating. Thereby, it promises a healthy lifestyle. Also, the material is very strong and is capable of standing through any tough usage. Now, talking about the non stick side, it gives you complete satisfaction, of course, given its presence on this list.

However, the nonstick aspect promises to lift the meals smoothly that are potentially capable of sticking. Hence, no leftover stuck cheese on the pan. Also, the strength of the components is complemented by the feature that the copper-infused ceramic coating renders. Yes, it is corrosion-free which means it prevents chipping or peeling of the surface. This feature is what makes the Ceramic set stand out distinctively since not many cookware products promise the anti-corrosion feature. However, the product overall is one of the best to consider.

Bulbhead Ceramic Cookware Set


Type of Surface: Ceramic;

Dishwasher-Safe: Yes;

Oven-Safe: Yes, up to 500 degrees.





  • The corrosion-free nature of the set steals the show. Unlike most, the Bulbhead makes sure the surface layer isn’t stripped off.
  • Improved nonstick surface.
  • You can take it home at a reasonable price


  • The Bulbhead handle construction is standard.

Your Personalised Product: Circulon Symmetry Hard Anodised Set

I cherish the Circulon Symmetry since I think it is a personalized product. You can operate it as you wish. And the 3-layer nonstick coating and the circles let you do it well. Also, this enables you to execute a fast cleanup. The set is oven-safe as well as dishwasher-safe, hence the alternate cooking option and cleaning is sorted. Also, each cookware is heavily durable. Yes, the hard anodised build makes the cookware doubly hard even than the stainless steel ones. The handles are user-friendly and mark its convenient feature. Thus, the little details that they focus on makes it highly demanding.

Circulon Symmetry Hard Anodised Set



Oven-Safe: Yes, up to 400 degrees;

Metal Utensil-Safe: Yes;

Dishwasher-Safe: Yes;

Material: Hard anodized + durable stainless steel.






  • The Circulon Symmetry scores high in the field of durability. The hard anodised aluminium and impact shield of stainless steel renders its strength.
  • The handles bear rubber for improved grip and are light enough for better manoeuvrability.


  • The Circulon costs havoc. Yes, and it is so for the improved and advanced services it renders. Only, a few cookware feed you with such an ultimate service. Hence, the price is only fair.

Best Surface: Cuisinart MCP-12N Multi clad Stainless Steel Set

The Cuisinart stands apart from all since it is crafted from three-ply materials which are produced for supreme efficiency. The interior of the set is aluminium which directs at an even heat deployment which includes the sides as well. Also, the Cuisinart’s set arrives with a lifetime warranty. Hence, in case of any defect, you can turn to the warranty cover. The handles, like the already-mentioned products in this list, is user-friendly and also come with thumb rivets. Thereby, it proves its convenience. Therefore, given all its features, this set is a remarkable one.

Cuisinart MCP-12N Multi clad Stainless Steel Set


Oven-Safe: Yes, up to 550 degrees;

Dishwasher safe: Yes;

Material: Aluminium bonded interior.



  • Each component of the set deploys an even amount of heat spreading it the sides as well. Also, this feature enables you to cook even quicker.
  • The Cuisinart is dishwasher safe. That is, you can load each cookware in the dishwasher without having to remove any element for proper cleaning.
  • Also, they are very easy and convenient to clean if you plan to do the dishes manually.


  • The price may not be the best thing but as you know, they don’t hike the price just for anything.

The Innovative: ELO Cookware Set

The ELO is a German-engineered cooking set which holds the title of the most Innovative brand. With an insulated bottom along with the aluminium cast material, you receive an even distribution of heat. However, the best part is that the ELO set arrives at an unimaginably satisfying cost. This is a steal since it renders every favourable performance. The ELO is dishwasher friendly that is the machine cleans it fully without creating any problem.

ELO Cookware Set


Warranty: 1 year;

Dishwasher-safe: Yes






  • It comes with 1-year Warranty
  • Great design and build
  • Highly durable

Highly Durable: Lagostina Q554SA64 Martellata Oven Cookware Set

The product comes with a beautiful silver look with a stainless steel exterior. The components of the set are strong and durable and it renders proper performance with every demand of yours. Also, the heavy-duty stainless steel has an extra covering of copper which renders something extra. This enables extra efficiency for heat regulation as well as retention. However, the price is something you may find very high but it is actually a fair price for the functions it renders.

Lagostina Q554SA64 Martellata Oven Cookware Set

Oven-Safe: 500 degrees;

Warranty: Lifetime;

Material: Stainless Steel with Aluminium Core





  • The Lagostina’s strength and durability are promising
  • It has a lifetime warranty


  • The product is pretty expensive

Thus, I present you the best nonstick cookware. The list involves varied products specialising in different aspects for you to sort through. Now, durability or design, we leave that to you!

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