Best 7 Stand Mixer: A Comprehensive Overview

Best 7 Stand Mixer: A Comprehensive Overview

Suppose you are on a holiday and going onward for a vacation. While you are kneading your cookie dough you might be facing a serious technical issue that might prevent you from using it further. What will you do then? You will give it to the service centre. We have been evaluating several kitchen stand mixers for a pretty long time. Therefore, on this article, we will enlist the Best Stand Mixer that is available nowadays on the market. One of these will make your baking life easier.

We browse different websites daily and it’s very difficult to choose the best model. Therefore, through this content, we will guide you to pick up the best possible stand mixer and enjoy a hassle-free baking service.

Best 7 Stand Mixer Reviews : Reviews & Buying Guide

1. Kitchen Aid Artisan Tilt-Head Stand-

  • This is a 10-speed mixer containing whisk, flat beater, and a dough hook.
  • It is equipped with hubs for attaching the company’s optional belongings such as meat grinder, spiralizer, and pasta cutter. Therefore, you can select from 2 types-tilt head and bowl lift.
  • Tilt Head Model is not that much costly and pretty lightweight too. You just need to slant the head back to push or remove the mixing bowl.
  • Just raise the bowl for blending and lower it take out the bowl and beaters.
  • These mixtures are shorter and hence, can be accommodated under a cabinet. But, there should be adequate space for the head to lit up.
  • When you are using bowl lift mixers no clearance is required above the height of the mixer. It’s easy to add materials and more easier to drag the bowl.
  • However, the bowl lift models are more powerful and available in bigger bowls.
  • The tilt-head mixtures contain nylon coating and dough hooks. These can be easily washed in the dishwasher.
  • Unlike the five cup-models, bowl lift models comprised of metal attachments gets faded if the machine is washed.

There might be a question in your mind. Which one to select out of the two? If you are a professional bread maker who bakes numerous loaves at a time or if you’re a cookie maker you need to use the one which has more power and greater surface area.

Once you are satisfied with these features of the Best Stand Mixer you can look into the minor features like colour or the size of the handle.

2. Artisan Mini 3.5 Quart Tilt Head Stand Mixer-

It is the smallest Kitchen Aid stand mixer available. However, it can handle an adequate batter for almost 5 dozen cookies. It is very light-weight. Therefore, if you keep this mixer in a closet or cabinet, it is easy to take out and put away. It comes in 10 different colours. The Mini item comes with a Design Series containing a glass bowl. Although it is offering a limited edition of its colour, it is the best affordable stand mixer.


It is recommended for those who are having a small kitchen. Moreover, we also suggest this one for the occasional bakers.  

3. Quart Tilt-Head Stand Mixers: Classic, Classic Plus, and Ultra Power-

best stand mixer


There are several mixers available which can make a dozen of cookies. All these three mixers differ in wattage. The Power is available in three different ranges- 250, 275, and 300 watts. So, when the wattage increases, the oomph of the mixer also changes. The Classic one with a lower wattage is good for whipping cream but many of you might struggle while kneading dough. Each of the three is available in different colours but occupies some amount of space on the counter top.


It is suitable for small families or the bakers who deals with cakes but bakes in very small amounts.

4. Artisan 5 Quart Tilt-Head Stand Mixers-

These are Kitchen Head’s most famous models. With a larger power and huger bowls than the Classics, it can manage the batter with almost nine dozen snicker doodles. Moreover, these models are available with stainless steel bowls or glass.

Artisan 5 Quart Tilt-Head Stand Mixers-

Product Highlights-

  • It contains 10-speed slide control ranges.
  • Equipped with Flat Beater, Dough Hook, and Wire Whip.
  • It comprises of power hub for additional attachments.
  • Distinct blending actions.
  • Choose from the available colour options find the best match that suits your style and personality.
  • The power hub transforms the stand mixer into a culinary centre along with 15 optional attachments
  • The typical tilt-head design gives you access to the bowl and affix the beater so that you can easily add different ingredients for your recipe.
  • The powerful tool for any kind of task which includes stirring different ingredients, or kneading bread dough.
  • It contains coated flat beater, coated dough hook, 6 wire-whip and 1 piece pouring shield.


  • The flat beater, dough hook, and wire whip makes it a much superior model in terms of mechanism.
  • It is a sturdy tool for stirring different ingredients.
  • The typical tilt head design.


  • Not useful for those bakers who bake occasionally.


Recommended for those bakers who don’t bake in huge amounts. If you are looking for any particular colour, or want the best options for this is for you.

5. Professional 5 Quart-Bowl Lift Stand Mixers-

The price range of this model is quite similar to the Artisan 5 Quart Mixers. Also, this one of the best affordable stand mixer available. The availability of the colour is less. The in-built size of the bowls is similar to the previous one but more power when compared with Artisans. Therefore, they can manage up to 10 dozen chocolate chippers.

best affordable stand mixerProduct Highlights-

  • Direct drive transmission and equipped with all steel gears metal construction.
  • Equipped with Multipurpose Attachment hub and also with Hinged Hub cover.
  • It is built with 450 Watt Motor
  • Made up of Power knead Spiral Dough Hook, Flat Beater, and Stainless steel Wire Whip.
  • It contains Ergonomic handle that makes lifting of the bowl very comfortable.
  • There is a hinged hub cover that permits easy installation of different attachments.
  • It is measurable up to 16-½ by 12 by 14 inches and comprises of flat beater, spiral dough hook, and wire whip.


  • It is ideal for the strong, dense mixtures.
  • It helps in preparing 10 dozen cookies in a single batch and 10 speeds to blend, knead, and remove ingredients quickly.


  • The mixture produces a deep intense sound which at times causes sound pollution.
  • Power gets strained while kneading the dough through the hook.


It is a sturdy mixer for cookies and bread.

6. Quart Pro Line Bowl Lift Mixtures-

Here you get strong mixers with more than 500 watts that can manage sufficient dough for 13-14 dozen cookies. There are several colour choices available for this item. However, they are costly and sturdy too. You don’t want it to move out from the closet.

best stand mixerProduct Highlights-

  • Made up of Power Knead Spiral Dough Hook, Flat Beater, and Stainless Steel Wire Chip.
  • It has 16 Cup Flour Power Capacity.
  • Built with the largest capacity Residential Bowl Stand Mixer available now.
  • It is a useful bowl-lift design.
  • This is available in the market in 7 different colours.
  • It has a dimension of 17 * 20* 13 inches.
  • It has a weight of 31 pounds.
  • Possess a shipping weight of 35.3 pounds.


  • It provides professional style rates.
  • Most Powerful, long -lasting features, and huge capacity.
  • The professional bowl-lift design facility lifts the bowl to blending position of 7 Quartz High  Polished Stainless Steel.


  • Not useful for regular bakers.


Required for those bakers who bake very often and bakes a large number of bread.

7. Cuisinart Precision Master-

Recently the bread test which I performed, Cuisinart kneaded two loaves of dough within 10 minutes without any hassle. It did a fine job in cookie dough, inculcating all the elements quickly and on adding chocolate chips mixed it commendably well. This is made up of 12 power settings and on the top, you will get some serious energy for aerating things like egg whites. It gives you several excellent add-ons. The low setting of it enhances the quality of your mixture to keep dry. Furthermore, the 5.5 Quartz steel ball is the largest according to our latest review.

It is available in 6 colours and is amongst the best stand mixers.

Cuisinart SM-50 5.5 - Quart Stand MixerProduct Highlights-

  • It has a huge capacity of 5.5 Quart along with polished stainless steel bowls.
  • Equipped a 500 Watt Motor and has die-cast metal construction.
  • Contain 12 speeds for accuracy mixing and the tilted back permits access to the bowls.
  • It contains an extra power outlet for the purpose of optional attachments.
  • Built with Chef Whisk, Dough hook, Flat Mixing Paddle, and splash guard.
  • It is available in white, red, and silver colours.


  • Contains cookie dough in a very good manner.
  • Efficient at whipping white eggs.
  • It is a 5.5 Quartz Stainless steel bowl.


  • High Budget model.
  • Bread Dough is very sticky.
  • Available in 6 colors.


Recommendable for those who are very much acquainted with bakery or rather I should say, are professionals.

8. Breville Bakery Chef-

This well equipped Breville Bakery Chef is a powerful stand mixer with the speed settings of 12 and many hardy arrangements. According to our tests, it can mix, blend, whip any ingredient you put that into 4 Quartz stainless steel bowl or 5-quart glass bowl. This machine does not come with a cheap price tag on. It can be used for kneading bread dough of 2 loaves in 10 minutes and did fine by mixing assembling ingredients for chocolate cookies along with the paddle attachment. It contains a splash guard, by adding different ingredients is not a hectic task. However, there is a pour spot opening which is smaller than one of the Kitchen aid Artisan. It contains a balloon shaped whisk larger than other mixtures we tested.

 It can also able to remove egg whites in more than 3 minutes. Along with the standard attachment of dough hook, paddle, and whisk it also contains flexible edge beater that surrounds every bowl. It is equipped with a counter timer. Therefore, you can easily set it for counting and do the other household works. There is a bright light placed above the bowl which lightens the ingredients inside.

Breville BEM825BAL the Bakery Chef Stand Mixer

Product Highlights-

  1. It is a reflection of the planetary mixing technique used in commercial bakeries and patisseries that provides 260-degree coverage of bowls and other extra features.
  2. The flexible edge helps in wiping off the side and bottom of the bowl with every turn, slows down the mixing time by 60% and does the cleaning process quickly when compared with earlier models.
  3. It is equipped with 550-watt moor and 1100 % metal gears. The bakery can manage heavy dough and batters for a longer span of time.
  4. Do a proper set up for the mixing duration in the Bakery’s chief.


  • It molds the dough finely.
  • This is equipped with inbuilt timer.


  • You cannot afford surplus attachments.
  • This is very costly.


It is the best affordable stand mixer for those users who want the latest technology in their mixer with manifold features.

9. Kitchenaid Classic Plus KSM75WH-

The Kitchen aid Classic Plus mixer does not possess manifold features, surplus bowls or heavy duty motor. However, it does very well in the kitchen tests, removing the egg whites, mixing the chocolate chips into the dough without breakage and squeezing the bread dough till it attains perfect consistency.

It doesn’t have the features like a splash guard or a bowl equipped with a handle. Still, this mixer is a user-friendly tool along with 4.5-quart stainless steel bowl, a paddle mixer, and a whisk attachment.

Kitchenaid Classic Plus KSM75WH-Product Highlights and Key Specification-

  • It is a 10-speed stand mixer containing a strong 325-watt motor.
  • Equipped with 5-quart stainless steel mixing bowl and has the feature of direct drive transmission.
  • It is equipped with a special 9 cup floor capacity. Contains safety auto shut down feature.
  • Available with 1 one year of warranty.
  • It has a dimension of 13.3 *10.4*16.4 inches.
  • Shipping Weight of 28.8 lbs.
  • It has an item weight of 29 pounds.
  • This item is not allowed for international shipment.


  • It gives you sufficient power to handle the heavy mixtures and blending the large matches easily.
  • This mixer has great durability.
  • Performs really good during the kitchen tests.


  • It is a very basic kind of model.


It is one of the best stand mixers for the beginners since it comes with a basic model.

10. Oster Planetary FPSTSMPL1-

Although Oster Planetary FPSTSMPL1 is a relatively small stand mixer when compared to the other mixers. It does a very good job by mixing by blending cookie dough and it out stands many large mixtures in terms of kneading bread dough. This mixer is mainly built for planetary movement. The attachment orbits and the bowl moves in such a way that it touches the entire part of the mixing bowl. It contains a mixing paddle, a whisk, and a dough hook. However, you cannot purchase extra attachments for preparing pasta which is available in other mixers. The mixer starts slowly and contains a splash guard and a handle.

best affordable stand mixerProduct Highlights-

  1. It is equipped with a 240-watt motor and contains 5-speed settings.
  2. Contains an ergonomic design contour grip which provides comfort and easiness.
  3. The Burst-Of-Power function is there to give surplus blending to work through your batter and helps in proper mixing with any speed.
  4. It comprises of chrome beaters and dough hook.
  5. The item dimension is 8.4 *4.2* 7.2 inches.
  6. It has an item weight of 1.7 lbs.


  • It does a perfect job with dough.
  • This mixer has a planetary movement.


  • Extra attachments are not available.
  • Slow start feature.


Go and grab this one if you are looking for a small stand mixer which can easily fit into your kitchen’s space.

Final Verdict-

We hope this article covers the best stand mixers available in the market. I hope you like this article. Surely it will help you to choose the best stand mixers at your budget. So, from now on no worries. Go and grab the best affordable stand mixer available in the market and enjoy hassle-free baking. However, for any major issues feel free to contact us.

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