Bosch 800 Series Dishwasher Reviews : 2021

Bosch 800 Series Dishwasher Reviews : 2021

Since the kitchen is a place which takes almost half of your day, it is really hectic for people to bear with it manually. Hence, this leads to the dishwashers being developed, from the aspect of saving time. Dishwashers contribute quite a bit in terms of cutting your time short and saving your energy. Talking of dishwashers and their development with the years, it is really visible and quite commendable. The all-new Bosch 800 series Dishwasher is something that is becoming all the more popular since it has been launched recently.

Thus, we thought of checking it out a bit, with regards to its specifications as well as the product itself.

Bosch 800 Series Dishwasher: Know It

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Bosch 800 Series Dishwasher: Know It

Bosch 800 Series Dishwasher: Know It

Product Specifications

The dishwashers from Bosch in this latest 800 series are top-notch performers as the earlier 500 series.

These dishwashers also offer users a plethora of choices with just a little more in terms of cost.

Talking of features, they are all ever-increasing here, to make your life in the kitchen smoother than ever.

So, here we list some of its features below which are really noteworthy

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An Increase In Folding Tines:

With this, you will find many first rack tines which are also completely adjustable according to your choices. You will find that your crusty baking pans fit wonderfully well in this model. If you compare this model to the dishwashers of any other series from Bosch, then you can fold down the narrow tines when you’re using this model on the bottom rack.

A Cut-Down On The Noise:

When it comes to noise in a dishwasher in action, you cannot fully terminate it. However, you can surely reduce it. Thus, an improvement which is noted in the 800 series of dishwashers is that they are really low on noise. While you got the previous 500 series of dishwashers rated around 44dBA, here you will get your device rated at 42dBA. Besides, you will also get some of the dishwashers sounding as low as 39dBA. Thus, according to our reports, Bosch 800 series dishwasher are not too noisy in accordance with your auditory activities. In fact, with your device switched on, you can watch your TV or listen to music without a hitch.

My Way Rack:

Most notably you will have a MyWay rack with your dishwasher here. When you will see the models SHXM98W75N, SHXM98W75N, and SHPM98W75N, you will find a third rack in them. This rack that you will have, is angled on the way to support espresso cups, ramekins, cereal bowls and many other utensils which are generally used for serving purposes. The mentioned models cost about $250 more than the other models that you have under the 800 series. Nevertheless, this additional third rack is quite beneficial as an add-on.

Controls For Touch:

These new 800 series of dishwashers bring in the touch buttons. In contrast to the earlier 500 series dishwashers that has got buttons, here you will get capacitive touch buttons replacing them. The new touch experience is always nice to have but it also depends on the personal preferences.

Connectivity Enhanced:

If you look at connectivity, you will find development. The SHEM78WH5N to mention, among the other dishwashers is really compatible with smartphone. All you have to do, is to possess the Bosch’s Home Connect Smartphone app for you to instantly control your new Bosch device with your convenient smartphone.

Apart from the features that we have just mentioned, the thing that binds all the products of Bosch is reliability. Bosch is typically known for its robust, effective products and is definitely a brand that you can always trust for longevity. Though the price of the best Bosch dishwashers under the 800 series are a bit more. You will get them for between 50$ – $250 more than the products from the earlier series. But, it also depends upon the model and its features that the money you would ultimately be paying.


  • You can Set Up to 15 Place Settings into One load.


  • Child-Lock Functions is Not their.

Moreover,when it comes to 800 series dishwashers from Bosch, you have a lot more. So, here we discuss it, if you are looking up for more features. Check it below:

Bosch 800 Series Dishwasher Reviews

Apart from the features that distinguish the Bosch 800 series of dishwashers, you can also discover some more, which will make you feel quite rich when you use these. Have a look below for the review:

Energy Star:

All of these products comes approved in a form Energy Star. This is a U.S Environmental Protection Agency voluntary program. Furthermore, Energy Star strives to help businesses and also the individuals to save money. In addition, it also contributes in protecting our climate through its premium energy efficiency strategies.

The Half-Load Option

There are multiple times about which you can narrate when there is quite less a load for your dishwasher to be full. It is really awkward for all of us. But, now you don’t have to worry about your dishwasher to be completely full. Thus, the Half-Load option is for the lesser loads. You can be rest assured that even when you have less dishes to wash, your new companion would be okay with it and would deliver a convenient wash, saving both your time and water.

Waste Less Water

Previously, you have practised washing your dishes before dish washing them in your device. Now, no need to undergo this hassle of washing your dishes prior to putting them in your dishwasher. As Bosch PrecisionWash™ guarantees, you can simply put all your dishes in this device, start it and then, just walk away. This new device comes with the advanced sensor screen which has the ability to detect the soil content of your dishes. Furthermore, it has also got the precision spray arms. These arms reach all your dishes, glass and the other utensils. Ultimately, it leaves you with shining cookware.

You Would Be Getting Satisfying Results

In all the other dishwashers, you would be assured of the apparent cleaning of your cookware on which the device would take action. But, with this set you can enjoy the extra peace of mind. The sanitization is also assured by this piece of wonder. Thus, it will deliver you a thoroughly clean, hygienic product as you keep on washing. The Sanitise option would be there as a button and you can select it with many programs. What this function does is to increase the rinsing temperature. The temperatures can touch up-to 162° F. This button is really efficient and quite significant an innovation.

The Info-light

A red light is detected every time you are working with your dish washing machine. While your dishes are being washed, you will see a red light cast on the floor which would be there for an entire wash cycle. This light would help you to denote that your device is running. However, as soon as the wash cycle is completed the light would turn off immediately.

The Precision Wash By Bosch

The intelligent sensors with Bosch Precision Wash helps you to continually monitor and thus, check the progress of your wash, with regard to your dishes throughout a cycle. Furthermore, the powerful precision arms of spray works targeting all that you have inside the machine with the same importance.

A Quiet Wash

You would have the Eco Silence motor system which would help you have no annoying sounds while you are washing your cups and plates. These motors wash effectively and never compromise with the quality of wash with the low sound that they emit. You will have two small motors which are brush less instead of having a single motor polluting the silent environment as ever in the earlier models.

After you have checked all of the features and specifications that is in the line of productivity form your device, we will lastly see the style of the device and the performance what it delivers in real time.

Bosch 800 Series Dishwasher: The Colour And Design

Looking at the 800 series of Dishwashers from Bosch, you will get 30 choices in it. Among the colours you will also find black, white and stainless. Moreover, the traditional bar and modern pocket style handles are all there. The handles of these kinds were also there in the 500 series of dish washing systems from Bosch. But here, the front facing controls are also present which weren’t there in their predecessors. You can also enjoy another facility here, where if you don’t want to see your dishwasher unless you’re loading or unloading it. The panel-ready design is quite a handy feature.

Bosch 800 Series Dishwasher: Performance

Well, in terms of the basic features and the overall performance, it is nearly the same with 300, 500 and the 800 series of the dishwashers. So, an identical performance is what you can expect with all of them. Apart from this, six wash cycles are available with it. This includes Heavy, Auto, Normal, Echo and Express. Up to a 24 hour delay in your device can be achieved with these devices. Lastly the Half Load, Extra SHine, Delicate and the Sanitise options modify the cycles by refining them.

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To Wrap It Up

In the end, we would like to mention that the Bosch 800 Series of Dishwashers are the best of their kind that we have performed a test on. Though the Bosch 500 Series of Dishwashers are also really promising but with the new 800 Series Bosch is offering more design than ever. In fact, the panel-ready version, front-control model are really beneficial and are truly innovative.

Thus, if you want to enjoy really advanced and cozying features with a little more money, then Bosch 800 series dishwasher would really be your thing.