How To Clean & Organize Kitchen Cabinets With Easy Solutions

How To Clean & Organize Kitchen Cabinets With Easy Solutions

The kitchen cabinet is the most noted part of the kitchen. It enhances the decoration of the kitchen as well as help to fit all the utensils inside it. Moreover, to organize the kitchen cabinet, the most important thing you should remember to keep it clean properly. Otherwise, it will be harmful to your family due to the unhealthy environment. Besides this, the decorative representation of the kitchen cabinet leads a smart kitchen with a decorative look. So, here are some of the expert advice on How To Clean and Organize Kitchen Cabinets.

Remove Common Cabinet Stains

There are several processes to clean the cabinets made of the different materials. However, we are talking about some of the techniques which will be helpful to remove specks of dirt from your kitchen cabinet. So, you may try them and make your kitchen cabinet free from germs.


In case of the glass made cabinet, scratching is the common problem especially on the cabinet doors. It can be removed through a diluted vinegar solution. Dampen a cotton cloth with vinegar and apply on that nasty marks. When done, clean it with a dry polishing cloth.


If the fingerprint is oil-based, then you can use the diluted vinegar. If the stains persists, then use it several times. While it is not enough to remove all the stains easily, then try with the detergent for a better result.

3.Food splatters

Many times, if the ketchup landed on the cabinet surface, then it creates a hard strain especially after staying after a long time.

In this scenario, you must carefully handle it and remove that food stain as soon as possible to avoid the nasty mark. In wooden as well as the glass made cabinet is affected the most. First, soak a piece of cloth and soak it into the water to remove immediately. Now, take a pinch of baking soda in a container with a little water and rub on that ketchup stain. When done, dry for a few minutes with a dryer. Finally, polish that area with a dry clean cloth.

4.Water Stains

If you prefer to use wooden cabinet, then it is quite tricky to manage. You have to pay extra attention while you clean with water. An over wet damages the cabinet quickly. In this situation, you can use distilled water to avoid the harmful agents present in the regular water.


Sometimes, you will find that hard scuffs caused by the utensils, pots, or heavy buckets is challenging to remove. In this case, you can use the market-based cleaner or in the absence of it, you can use the baking soda and water to clean that stain.

6.Other Factors

Sometimes, spillage of the spices and other food on the cabinets are accountable for making it dirty. So, you have to clean out the inside of the wooden cabinets/glass cabinet every day by an antibacterial cleaner every day. Moreover, you need to clean with the vinegar solution and damp clothes by removing all the things kept on the racks of the cabinet. Now, take a dry towel and dry the cabinets and keep all the appliances back on the shelves properly.

If you find lot of spilled foods are there on the cabinets, then storing the cooking agents into the proper storage containers is the best way to avoid this problem. In this case, you may use the glass or material jar to store the liquid substances and species respectively. Moreover, you can save the processing food such as pickles, chutney, etc and other dry foods into the glass jar. This process will help to keep free from bugs and avoid spillage issues.

Cabinet corners is another responsible factor for making your kitchen dirty. However, you can use cabinet liners to overcome this problem easily especially this liner is made of rubber. It makes it very easy to clean the cabinet by removing those rubber lines properly. After that, you have to rinse and dry them properly. When done, put all the things kept on the cabinets and keep them on the shelves of the cabinet.

How to Keep Clean Wooden Cabinets

The oil-soap cleaner is the best substance to clean the wood cabinets and make your kitchen clean. You can buy it from your nearest hardware shop but to before you need to go through the functionalities of the products. Moreover, you have to choose the perfect one which is capable to clean the disinfect the germs, bacteria, etc. However, by using some cleaners make your wood made cabinets new like  never before.

So, to keep your cabinet clean, you need to use some of the daily use agents. One thing you should keep in mind that sometimes the regularly used substances are more effective than the cleaners available in the market. But, make sure that the agents you use to as a cleaner not react with the wooden cabinet, otherwise it damage the cabinets immediately after coming in contact with those chemical compounds. So, let’s know about the agents used to perform the kitchen cabinet cleaning process.


The homemakers can use the laundry detergent as a kitchen cabinet. Some of the people use oil or grease which they use to wash the utensils such as a cup, dish clear. This cleaner helps to protect the cabinet from getting pale because the detergent has more organic substances.

If you use the detergent, then take it in a cup and mix water with 1.2 ratios. So, you need to add water 2 cups if you use one cup detergent to make it dilute. Now, dip wet clothes into the cup and rub it on the cabinet. Remember,do not use too much wet cloth as it will damage the wooden cabinet. When done, wipe the water by a dry cloth piece properly otherwise, it will create clogs in the cabinet while the wet area will come in contact with any dirt or air.

In the case of the dish cleaner, it has less harmful effects on the substances. Moreover, you can use the sponge or a thin wet cloth and pour that cleaner a pinch of the drop. Now, clean on the dirt area and sprinkle the water to remove all the dirt. Now, soak the water properly with another dry cloth.


In absence of the liquid agents or the detergents, you can use the vinegar and water. Vinegar is one of the valuable substitutions of soap and more effective than detergent or dish cleaner. Moreover, you can use the dilute vinegar for regular purpose as it is already dilute acetic acid. Additionally, many people prefer this agent due to its availability. You will find it in the kitchen of most of the people as it is used as food preservatives. Furthermore, it is also useful to marinate raw food and make it easy to prepare.

3.Keep Clean Painted Kitchen Cabinet

Cleaning the painted kitchen cabinet is far more comfortable than the wooden cabinet. You can use water and damped cloth to remove any stains regularly. But, the chances of the paleness is high to clean this product. However, for a better improvement, you may follow the steps below which will help you to keep clean your painted cabinet.

4.Remove Ketchup Stains

For daily use, baking soda is the best stain cleaner agent in a kitchen cabinet. You can use two teaspoons of baking soda and mix it into the water. Now, dip a damp cloth into it and rub the cloth on the stain mark or dab the cleaner directly onto the stain. Then wait for few minutes and clean it properly. When done, wipe out the wet area by a dry cotton cloth and remove the  ketchup stain quickly.

5.Clean Grease Stains

Dilute ammonia is very useful in case of removing the grease stain. Sometimes, grease stain makes on the painted cabinet damage its beautiful appearance. Then, you need to use the ammonia-based cleaner. In the absence of the cleaning agents, you can use ammonia soaked damped cloth and clean the entire area with it.

6.Remove Paleness

In case the painted cabinet, you must maintain it annually by repainting it. Without washing it periodically, you can face the paleness issue especially if you are using it for several years. However, after repainting, proper cabinet management is necessary to avoid all these conflicts.

7.Post-Paint Maintaining Steps

You need to clean the painted cabinet by distilled water and make sure that mild dust is not present there. Otherwise, an accumulation and buffing of the dirt particles, clogs, etc. may damage the cabinet’s exterior surface. Moreover, the grease and the stream produced at the time of cooking create this obstacle on the kitchen cabinet. If you ignore it at its primary stage, then it will be difficult to remove as it will become harder with time.

Clean Glass Cabinet

Glass cabinets are often laminated with another material, such as wood and other materials to support the panel door. Though glass cleaning process is quite easy as the stain doesn’t affect as much as on other elements. There are several steps to clean the glass cabinets and here we are going to discuss some of the crucial steps which may be useful for you.

1.Clean Glass

Take the diluted vinegar solution in a mug and dip a damp cloth into it, Now, rub on the stain mark and clean it properly. If the same thing persists, try for multiple times to remove this stain. On the other hand, you can use the dish cleaner to remove the lighten stain from the glass panes.

2.Clean Cabinet Door

Cabinet door is made with glass, but its corners are supported or laminated with other materials. So, to remove the stain from the glass part, you need to use the same process mentioned above.

For the lamination part, you can use the detergent as a cleaning substance. But, be careful while you are using it. Otherwise, a fingertip on the glass or the soap-water create obstacles on glass materials. However, make a solution with soap or the detergent and apply it accordingly with a wet cloth. Wipe it by a sponge or a clean towel after completing the cleaning process.

Make sure that you are using a non- oil based cleaning material on your cabinet. Otherwise, it leaves streaks on the glass that is too difficult to remove.

3.Clean Laminated Cabinet

The materials used in the laminated cabinet respond well to most of the above cleaning substances. Moreover, you can use the same agents to clean the laminated shelves. Lamination is made up of wood, ply or any other material. So, the process is as same as the wooden cabinet cleaning process.

However, we can use the baking soda solution in the painted cabinets which can be applied to it. Moreover, you can use the all-purpose market available cleaner to remove the hard stain or grease from the laminated materials.

Make sure that you are not using the abrasive cleaning pads or cotton balls. Otherwise, a scratch of them on the cabinet’s surface makes it difficult to wipe off.

If the scuffs of the pots, or heavy buckets are found on the lowermost part of the cabinet, then remove it with a soft eraser. Moreover, you can use silk cloth to delete while the cleaning process is done.

Clean Metal Cabinet

To clean the metal cabinet, you need to maintain the same processes which we have mentioned for the cases above. But, keep in mind that you are using the cleaners that have no reactions on that specific metals. However, we are going to talk about the methods to clean the metal cabinet and we hope those will help you a lot to remove dirt from your kitchen cabinet.

Method 1: Use Vacuum Cleaner

You can use the vacuum cleaner to lose the residue and dirt from the cabinet. The nozzle of the vacuum helps to clean the corners especially the side grooves where the chances of the dirt build-up.

Method 2: Remove Dirt With Alcohol

Pour 1 1/2 tablespoon alcohol in a bowl and dip a sponge/cloth on it. Now, rub it on the oily surface to remove the dirt. Otherwise, you can pour the alcohol into a bottle and sprinkle the liquid by its nozzle on that oily stain. Then, rub it with a damp cloth and remove all the hard stain quickly.

Method 3: Clean With Wool

You can use the steel wool to remove the spots on the rust area inside the metal cabinet. Moreover, regular use of the woollen cloth to clean the metal surface, you can avoid the mild dust as well as the hard dirt cabinet issue.

Method 4: Rinse Dirt With Soaps

Try to wash the entire cabinet with a liquid of soapy water and then with a clean cloth. Now, rinse with distilled water. Once done, dry the metal surface along the corners by a hair dryer completely.

Method 5: Coating On Cabinet

A thin coat of car wax can protect the metal cabinet and increase its longevity. Moreover, it helps to clean the dirt on the shelves as the metal surface is covered with this material. So, your cabinet will shine like a newly made product. Though this step is optional, it is sufficient for our busy life.

Organise Your Kitchen Cabinet In A Unique Way

There are several ways to decorate your kitchen cabinets based on its various structures. Moreover, it may differ from different aspects such as how it looks like, in which way places can be utilised, etc. Sometimes, it becomes too difficult to fix the kitchen decoration issue. However, in this article, we have given an easy solution to resolve this unresolved issue. So, if you have any doubt on how to clean & organise kitchen cabinets, this context will be helpful to remove those issues.

Step 1: Clean Cabinet Properly

First, clean the cabinets properly by using the above techniques accordingly. Moreover, you need to pay an extra attention before keeping the utensils in the cabinet.

Step 2: Organise Deep Drawer

Now, open the deep drawer which you can find at the bottom of the cabinet. Place all the kitchen cleaners along with the pipes and other materials at the bottom of that deep drawer. Keep all the pots which are heavy in weight such as frying pans, heavy weighted pans, pots, etc at the upper part section of the door. Then, place the saucers, bowls and plates etc dishware are kept in the tray beside the rack in a stack format.

Step 3: Fit Small Containers

Now, put small containers like small bowls, spoons. Beside this, other kitchen utensil tools like kitchen scrapers, ladles, spiders, etc. must be kept on the immediate upper drawer.

Step 4: Divide And Conquer

Open the divide and conquer a section of the cabinet window. After that, place all the microwave bowls and other glass made bowls, in one part and lids might be kept on another part.

Step 5: Configure Corner

Now, place all the cups, glasses at one side and place the container filled with spices, oils, in the corner. Now, cover all the drawers properly. We recommend keeping it free on the top of the shelf. It will help to remove the mild as well as other dirt issues.


In the above article, we have discussed how to clean & organise kitchen cabinets without facing any severe problem Moreover, you can get a brief idea on how to perform the kitchen cleaning process efficiently. Besides this, the context will be beneficial to decorate your kitchen cabinet as well as the entire kitchen. However, you get an idea of how to avoid all the possible clogs from the kitchen cabinet by using the natural chemical agents.

Some of the kitchen cleaners available in the market are able to clean all the dirt and remove the dust from the kitchen efficiently. In absence of those agents, how to clean and decorate your kitchen cabinet is the most important consideration to every homemaker. We have analysed them briefly in this context. On the other hand, you can represent your kitchen by organising the cabinet in a unique way if you go through this article thoroughly. However, we hope this article will be beneficial for all the homemakers to keep their family healthy.